I decided to enhance the functionality of the OOo COM UDF found >here and >here.  Thanks to Leagnus and Andy G for providing the initial functions and framework. This UDF includes the following working functions: _OOoCalc_BookNew
_OOoCalc_ReplaceInRange Please help me test this and let me know of any problems, questions, suggestions or comments you may have. Edit (August 5, 2016): Latest files have been uploaded.  Script-breaking changes include renaming the functions to start with _OOoCalc_. Edit (November 14, 2016): New version, including fixed sort function! Edit (November 15, 2016): Lots of minor changes including tightening up the error checking. Edit (November 16, 2016): Added ByRef to object parameters. Edited demo.         OOoCalcConstants.au3   OOoCalc.au3 OOoCalc_Demo.au3