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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#383 Include A3X file as a script trancexx Feature Request None
#1498 #RequireAdmin causes script to not complete/run when UAC is turned off and user has normal privileges trancexx Bug None
#1526 Display FileName into Aut2Exe Error trancexx Feature Request None
#1901 Compiled 32bit scripts not working in system32 path on 64bit OS Valik Bug None
#2061 Rewrite OS_Version class Bug None
#2157 ProcessList() crashes on Windows Terminal Server Win2k8-R2 Valik Bug None
#2166 StringToASCIIArray() incorrect handling of parameter Valik Bug None
#2185 32-bit scripts in system32 on 64-bit Windows probably fail when using FileInstall() Bug None
#2203 InetGet Help Example (inetget.au3) guinness Bug None
#2215 Wrong(?) syntax check of default parameter value with array variable trancexx Bug None
#2222 Cyrillic names of COM object / methods trancexx Bug None
#2235 if process not exist,ProcessGetStats will not return 0. Valik Bug None
#2253 Ping returns success with no connection trancexx Bug None
#2268 _StringReverse() guinness Bug None
#2335 __WinAPI_EnumWindowsChild() creates results in wrong sequence Jpm Bug None
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