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Ticket Summary Owner Type Version Severity Ticket
#3079 _StringInsert(): add Remark for clarity guinness Bug None
#3081 Re-wording of $WS_EX_MDICHILD in GUICreate() guinness Bug None
#3085 wrong examples Jpm Bug None
#3086 spelling mistake guinness Bug None
#3105 Example doesn't exist water Bug None
#3113 HelpFile Example - StderrRead.au3 Jpm Bug None
#3116 $WIN_STATE_* Constants Does Not Exist in AutoItConstants.au3 Melba23 Bug None
#3117 StringFormat - second parameter is optional Jpm Bug None
#3128 Pragma Compile Directive inputboxres description change Melba23 Bug None
#3136 _FTP_DirPutContents Help File return value error Jpm Bug None
#3154 Description of \s is wrong in StringRegExp help file guinness Bug None
#3184 _Net_Share UDF Doc Issue Jpm Bug None
#3193 .chm Array example wrong Jpm Bug None
#3201 _IEImgGetCollection Example 1 mLipok Bug None
#3206 New remark for the "root dir" parameter for FileSelectFolder Melba23 Feature Request None
#3208 Changes in documentation for _Crypt_Hash* functions. Jpm Feature Request None
#3220 _ArrayBinarySearch Help text incomplete/misleading Melba23 Bug None
#3226 StringRegExp : "complete description of PCRE patterns link" not found mLipok Bug None
#3257 Incorrect format in AutoIt Help File Melba23 Bug None
#3273 _ArrayExtract: Error return value description BrewManNH Bug None
#3516 Specify types of parameters of _Crypt_EncryptData Jpm Bug None
#3536 Almost all version queries with _WinAPI_GetVersion in \Examples\Helpfile\*.au3 is wrong... Jpm Bug None
#3541 Typo in _WinAPI_DragQueryFileEx sample code mLipok Bug None
#3621 Mistake/(outdated info?) in help file 'Running Scripts' Melba23 Bug None
#3626 Examples not working Jpm Bug None
#3642 AutoItX/ControlTreeView - wrong example in HelpFile Jpm Bug None
#3663 documentation for AdlibRegister() Melba23 Feature Request None
#3699 _ArrayMin, _ArrayMinIndex, _ArrayMax, _ArrayMaxIndex: example scripts Jpm Bug None
#3711 _WinAPI_EnumWindows - Error in Helpfile example Jpm Bug None
#3716 _ArrayToClip incorrect in autoit help Jpm Bug None
#3722 StdoutRead example is incorrectly parsing input and outputs incomplete information Jos Bug None
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