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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Version
#1652 Sleep in TimerFunc assigned Jpm Bug
#2278 Varargs reopened Feature Request
#2370 StringReplace & StringRegExpReplace Add Offset\The starting position of the search assigned Jon Feature Request
#2443 Name of nested structs new Feature Request
#2608 COM Objects and Classes new Feature Request
#2628 Add mode to StringRegExp new Feature Request
#2652 Allow ExpandVarStrings to expand com properties as well. new Feature Request
#2653 ObjCreate with arguments new Feature Request
#2668 Subclassing issue on CallWindowProc new Bug
#2672 StringSplit - NewFlag - case-insensitive new Feature Request
#2695 For ... in ... next loop modifying items new Feature Request
#2696 StringRegExp* return non-participating groups new Bug
#2785 WinTextMatchMode - Window Titles and Text (Advanced) new Feature Request
#2793 SetError And SetExtended not integer value assigned Jpm Feature Request
#2794 FileDelete ability to remove the file stream new Feature Request
#2827 FileGetAttrib & Symbolic link new Feature Request
#2830 GuiCtrlRead() - in advanced mode with Combo,List return all values new Feature Request
#2833 macro @funcname assigned Jpm Feature Request
#2835 Change the TCP*() funktions to optional use non blocking ports. new Feature Request
#2855 Scoping and declaration modifiers combinations new Feature Request
#2866 regread cant read x64 keys remote new Bug
#2878 ObjCreateInterface the last func instance call assigned Jon Feature Request
#2886 Stack Trace assigned Jpm Feature Request
#2887 AutoIt fails to deallocate a COM object when it gets reassigned assigned Jpm Bug
#2890 DllStructGetString new Feature Request
#2912 Additional include paths: New command line switch for AutoIt3.exe new Feature Request
#2938 Add "GetCount" to ControlCommand() new Feature Request
#2972 Adding a sort of _IEAttributeGet function to IE.UDF assigned mLipok Feature Request
#2973 Adding a MACRO for tray icon handle new Feature Request
#3003 Using a function call in an array assignment causes 2 function calls assigned Jpm Bug
#3004 Anonymous Maps assigned Jon Feature Request
#3005 Allow maps as expressions in a "With" statement. assigned Jon Feature Request
#3006 Create a shortcut for the expression in a With statement. new Feature Request
#3021 AutoIt Crash - calling obj method assigned Jpm Bug
#3106 StringIsFloat doesn't accept a valid FP exponent assigned Jpm Bug
#3135 StdioClose with $STDERR_MERGED memory leak assigned Jpm Bug
#3159 ObjCreateInterface and BOOL type. assigned Jon Bug
#3160 Allow Null to specify NULL pointer for more DllCall() pointer types. new Feature Request
#3165 Call() function called with an empty array results in APPCRASH assigned Jpm Bug
#3167 COM Error Handler - not always fires event assigned Jpm Bug
#3179 Number failure with lower case hex assigned Jpm Bug
#3182 MouseGetPos may return the wrong value when used with mulitple display screens. new Bug
#3202 FileOpenDialog in Windows PE mode new Feature Request
#3209 Try...Catch new Feature Request
#3215 GUICtrlCreateUpdown looses GUICtrlSetResizing value on GUICtrlSetState change new Bug
#3227 DirRemove - If directory does not exist: Return value 1 instead of 0 new Feature Request
#3232 Issue when parsing scientific notation literals assigned Jpm Bug
#3515 Assigning directly a value to an element of an array in array new Feature Request
#3525 Support for binding to multicast group new Feature Request
#3533 Map Array Read/Write assigned Jon Feature Request
#3539 FileGetTime ( "filename" [, option = 0 [, format = 0], UTC=0]]] ) new Feature Request
#3540 Implement optional ByRef parameters for functions new Feature Request
#3550 New Date And Time Function new Feature Request
#3575 TCP functions slow new Bug
#3635 Assign function: support for constants new Feature Request
#3639 WinGetClassList's Return Value new Feature Request
#3641 Allow ProgressOn function to return window handle of the progress dialog it creates new Feature Request
#3659 InetClose() always return "False". assigned Jpm Bug
#3660 Enhancement - PixelSearch to return the color it found new Feature Request
#3662 Additional Parameter for FileGetTime() to return the milliseconds as well assigned Jpm Feature Request
#3667 Continuation line with no code on it passes Au3Check but at runtime "Error parsing function call" assigned Jon Bug
#3679 InetGet / InetRead - Disable Cache Option new Feature Request
#3682 GuiCtrlCreatePic and the "set width and height to 0" feature assigned Jpm Bug
#3701 Hard crash on declaring an array with more than 2^24 cells assigned Jpm Bug
#3702 Make Execute capable of processing declarations new Feature Request
#3710 Server 2019 @OSVersion not correct assigned Jpm Feature Request
#3717 StringFormat doesn't format int64 integers correctly assigned Jpm Bug
#3731 Binary() performs hidden and wrong conversion on strings assigned Jon Bug
#3743 [LAST] and WinWaitClose, WinExists, WinGetHandle, etc assigned Jpm Bug
#3759 Console (cmd.exe) output new Feature Request
#3760 Number() bug with oversized integer values assigned Jpm Bug
#3767 Defer keyword new Feature Request
#3768 Extend bitwise operations to 64-bit values assigned Jpm Feature Request
#3772 int64 = -9223372036854775808 not handled properly assigned Jpm Bug
#3775 INSTANCE ignored when ID also given in a ControlID assigned Jpm Feature Request
#3778 Tooltip does not reset the position correctly assigned Jpm Bug
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