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Ticket Summary Status Type Milestone Component Ticket
#1503 FileGetSize don't works solid assigned Bug AutoIt
#2279 For loop not working as expected assigned Bug AutoIt
#2878 ObjCreateInterface the last func instance call assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3003 Using a function call in an array assignment causes 2 function calls assigned Bug AutoIt
#3004 Anonymous Maps assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3005 Allow maps as expressions in a "With" statement. assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3247 Gimagex_Feature_Request assigned Feature Request Other
#3533 Map Array Read/Write assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3700 Add the 'Execute' function to the C# library new Feature Request AutoItX
#3717 StringFormat doesn't format int64 integers correctly assigned Bug AutoIt
#3857 DotNet 5/6 Support new Feature Request AutoItX
#3886 Default keyword = -1 in expression assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3895 Allow string() to return first class object name assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3922 Problems with ".+" and ".+?" in regular expressions assigned Bug AutoIt
#3924 Run-time error calling MyByRefFunc($map["foo"].bar) ==> Expected a variable in user function call assigned Bug AutoIt
#3929 Memory leak when returning struct members within With...EndWith assigned Bug AutoIt
#3931 x86 compiled binaries miss DEP attribute assigned Bug Aut2Exe
#3941 ToolTip with $TIP_CENTER + $TIP_FORCEVISIBLE is mispositioned assigned Bug AutoIt
#3944 GUICtrlSetFont (and GUISetFont) sets font name inconsistently assigned Bug AutoIt
#3948 Map object: keys [0] and ["["] clash assigned Bug AutoIt
#3953 missing bracket error when using ternary operator or OR operator inside array definition assigned Bug AutoIt
#3961 HotKeySet and Send extended function keys assigned Feature Request AutoIt
#3962 Not able to interrupt script with hotkey on latest version v3.3.16.1 assigned Bug AutoIt
#3973 GUICtrlSetColor does not work on GUICtrlCreateRadio assigned Bug AutoIt
#3974 Key Stuck when using HotKeySet + Send assigned Bug AutoIt
#3995 Maps abort with negative integers as keys assigned Bug AutoIt
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