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Type: Bug (28 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Version Modified
#3948 Map object: keys [0] and ["["] clash new AutoIt 6 days
#3945 StringRegExp help about \s misses VT new Documentation 2 weeks
#3944 GUICtrlSetFont (and GUISetFont) sets font name inconsistently new AutoIt 4 weeks
#3943 Using a function return to increment an counter array element causes TWO function calls new AutoIt 4 weeks
#3941 ToolTip with $TIP_CENTER + $TIP_FORCEVISIBLE is mispositioned new AutoIt 5 weeks
#3940 _GUICtrlTab_GetItemText does not work in V3.3.16.1 new AutoIt 6 weeks
#3931 x86 compiled binaries miss DEP attribute assigned Aut2Exe 4 months
#3929 Memory leak when returning struct members within With...EndWith assigned AutoIt 4 months
#3924 Run-time error calling MyByRefFunc($map["foo"].bar) ==> Expected a variable in user function call assigned AutoIt 5 months
#3922 Problems with ".+" and ".+?" in regular expressions assigned AutoIt 5 months
#3903 _GuiCtrlTab_GetItem() fails to retrieve Tab text in AutoIt assigned Standard UDFs 7 months
#3717 StringFormat doesn't format int64 integers correctly assigned AutoIt 9 months
#3832 IDispatch and the "_" character new AutoIt 9 months
#3893 Blog doesn't mention latest version new Documentation Other 10 months
#2279 For loop not working as expected assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3889 ProcessClose does set @extended when no process found assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3888 PixelGetColor PixelSearch DPI support assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3887 @HOUR:59:59 wrong as @MIN and @SEC can have change to 00:00 assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3884 MouseCoordMode, cursor moving and DPI unawareness assigned AutoIt 10 months
#2696 StringRegExp* return non-participating groups assigned AutoIt 11 months
#3838 Bug with structure and dot-notation assigned AutoIt 21 months
#3829 ObjCreateInterface and STRUCT type. new AutoIt 21 months
#3575 TCP functions slow and TCPCloseSocket with shutdown assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3731 Binary() performs hidden and wrong conversion on strings assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3796 Execute() cause crash (-1073741819) with some strings containing punctuation. assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3003 Using a function call in an array assignment causes 2 function calls assigned AutoIt 3 years
#2887 AutoIt fails to deallocate a COM object when it gets reassigned assigned AutoIt 3 years
#1652 Sleep in TimerFunc assigned AutoIt 3 years

Type: Feature Request (52 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Version Modified
#3946 _ChooseFont() updated defaults new Standard UDFs 3 weeks
#3942 @EVT_POS, @EVT_TIME, @EVT_INFO event macros new AutoIt 3 weeks
#3938 ByRef inside the same scope new AutoIt 3 months
#3857 DotNet 5/6 Support new AutoItX 8 months
#3895 Allow string() to return first class object name assigned AutoIt 9 months
#3890 Array Comparison assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3886 Default keyword = -1 in expression assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3892 Func() Pass Parameter Bynames assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3882 IsFileHandle(<AutoIt filehandle as returned by FileOpen) assigned AutoIt 10 months
#3873 DllStruct dot access non existent element should be a fatal error assigned AutoIt 12 months
#3859 Extend For…Next syntax to force loop variable to be local within the loop only new AutoIt 14 months
#2878 ObjCreateInterface the last func instance call assigned AutoIt 18 months
#3818 InputBox() - TOPMOST option assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2653 ObjCreate with arguments new AutoIt 2 years
#3202 FileOpenDialog in Windows PE mode new AutoIt 2 years
#2652 Allow ExpandVarStrings to expand com properties as well. assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3525 Support for binding to multicast group assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3540 Implement optional ByRef parameters for functions assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2370 StringReplace & StringRegExpReplace Add Offset\The starting position of the search assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2443 Name of nested structs assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3247 Gimagex_Feature_Request assigned Other 2 years
#2890 DllStructGetString assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2830 GuiCtrlRead() - in advanced mode with Combo,List return all values assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2785 WinTextMatchMode - Window Titles and Text (Advanced) assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2912 Additional include paths: New command line switch for AutoIt3.exe assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2278 Varargs assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3160 Allow Null to specify NULL pointer for more DllCall() pointer types. assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2827 FileGetAttrib & Symbolic link assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2672 StringSplit - NewFlag - case-insensitive delimiters assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2855 Scoping and declaration modifiers combinations assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2628 Add mode to StringRegExp assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3227 DirRemove - If directory does not exist: Return value 1 instead of 0 assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3641 Allow ProgressOn function to return window handle of the progress dialog it creates assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3660 Enhancement - PixelSearch to return the color it found assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3639 WinGetClassList's Return Value assigned AutoIt 2 years
#3635 Assign function: support for constants assigned AutoIt 2 years
#2833 macro @funcname assigned AutoIt 3 years
#2886 Stack Trace assigned AutoIt 3 years
#2793 SetError And SetExtended not integer value assigned AutoIt 3 years
#3775 INSTANCE ignored when ID also given in a ControlID assigned AutoIt 3 years
#3768 Extend bitwise operations to 64-bit values assigned AutoIt 3 years
#3700 Add the 'Execute' function to the C# library new AutoItX 3 years
#3767 Defer keyword new AutoIt 3 years
#3004 Anonymous Maps assigned AutoIt 3 years
#2972 Adding a sort of _IEAttributeGet function to IE.UDF assigned AutoIt 3 years
#3005 Allow maps as expressions in a "With" statement. assigned AutoIt 3 years
#3533 Map Array Read/Write assigned AutoIt 3 years
#3759 Console (cmd.exe) output new AutoIt 3 years
#3209 Try...Catch new AutoIt 7 years
#3006 Create a shortcut for the expression in a With statement. new AutoIt 8 years
#2973 Adding a MACRO for tray icon handle new AutoIt 8 years
#2608 COM Objects and Classes new AutoIt 9 years
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