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#3849 Server 2022 @OSVersion returns WIN_2019 Jpm AutoIt anonymous
#3836 FileExists with trailing quotation mark Jpm AutoIt therks@… FileExists
#3844 Right bracket does not register as a hotkey Jpm AutoIt gemtoc
#3830 GUICtrlSetResizing and fullscreen mode Jpm AutoIt kAnon
#3831 GUICtrlSetPos and $GUI_DOCKHCENTER Jpm AutoIt kAnon
#3838 Bug with structure and dot-notation Jpm AutoIt Nine
#3832 IDispatch and the "_" character AutoIt kAnon
#3829 ObjCreateInterface and STRUCT type. AutoIt kAnon
#2866 regread cant read x64 keys remote Jpm AutoIt anonymous
#3575 TCP functions slow and TCPCloseSocket with shutdown Jpm AutoIt ripdad
#3731 Binary() performs hidden and wrong conversion on strings Jpm AutoIt jchd18
#3667 Continuation line with no code on it passes Au3Check but at runtime "Error parsing function call" Jpm AutoIt c.haslam
#3796 Execute() cause crash (-1073741819) with some strings containing punctuation. Jpm AutoIt steipal@… execute, crash
#2696 StringRegExp* return non-participating groups Jpm AutoIt jchd18
#3760 Number() bug with oversized integer values Jpm AutoIt jchd18
#3159 ObjCreateInterface and BOOL type. Jon AutoIt Valik
#3215 GUICtrlCreateUpdown looses GUICtrlSetResizing value on GUICtrlSetState change Jpm AutoIt argumentum GUICtrlCreateUpdown GUICtrlSetResizing GUICtrlSetState
#3003 Using a function call in an array assignment causes 2 function calls Jpm AutoIt jguinch
#2887 AutoIt fails to deallocate a COM object when it gets reassigned Jpm AutoIt anonymous COM
#3717 StringFormat doesn't format int64 integers correctly Jpm AutoIt jchd18
#1652 Sleep in TimerFunc Jpm AutoIt hunt
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