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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Ticket
#1652 Sleep in TimerFunc Jon Bug AutoIt
#2370 StringReplace & StringRegExpReplace Add Offset\The starting position of the search Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#2878 ObjCreateInterface the last func instance call Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#2887 AutoIt fails to deallocate a COM object when it gets reassigned Jon Bug AutoIt
#2943 Disabled dummy control reacts on accelerators Jon Bug AutoIt
#2972 Adding a sort of _IEAttributeGet function to IE.UDF mLipok Feature Request AutoIt
#3004 Anonymous Maps Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3005 Allow maps as expressions in a "With" statement. Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3135 StdioClose with $STDERR_MERGED memory leak Jon Bug AutoIt
#3152 FileCopy doesn't cope well with copying files with embedded spaces in their name to UNC destinations Jon Bug AutoIt
#3159 ObjCreateInterface and BOOL type. Jon Bug AutoIt
#3222 FileInstall Jon Feature Request Documentation
#3232 Issue when parsing scientific notation literals Jon Bug AutoIt
#3238 AutoIt doesn't compensate for DPI scaling Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3255 Drag & Drop not working when Windows DPI setting is above 100% Jon Bug AutoIt
#3533 Map Array Read/Write Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3563 Function _IEBodyReadText() from IE.au3 needs to check .innerText is a valid property mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#3572 TCPSend can hang forever without returning an error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3579 Clarification of Help for DllStructGetData(): never returns an array BrewManNH Feature Request Documentation
#3648 _ISPressed not working with "GUI_WS_EX_PARENTDRAG" Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3667 Continuation line with no code on it passes Au3Check but at runtime "Error parsing function call" Jon Bug AutoIt
#3680 Improve _ArrayBinarySearch function Melba23 Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3696 Func _ArrayFromString($s, $sDelim_Col = "|", $sDelim_Row = @CRLF, $iForce2D = 0) BrewManNH Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3723 Odd problem with _GUICtrlRichEdit_ReplaceText BrewManNH Bug Standard UDFs
#3731 Binary() performs hidden and wrong conversion on strings Jon Bug AutoIt
#3739 Scripting.dictionary Keys/Items array support for _ArrayDisplay mLipok Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3743 [LAST] and WinWaitClose, WinExists, WinGetHandle, etc Jon Bug AutoIt
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