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#167 Fixed SciTe4AutoIt3 8-3-2008 Installs beta Aut2exe.exe Jos JayMan

When installing SciTe3AutoIt3 released on 8-3-2008 (with definitions for & Beta it also replaces the Aut2exe.exe & Aut2exe_x64.exe in the installation with the versions.

This means any au3 files that are writting using the definitions, actually get compiled with the beta au3 version. Meaning commands like RunAsSet() now fail.

Uninstalling everything & then installing just AutoIT3 & NOT the full SciTe4AutoIT3 gets this working correctly again.

I have confirmed this on XP Sp2 & Vista x64.

#172 Fixed StructureConstants.au3 - $tagREBARINFO Gary Zedna
Global Const $tagREBARINFO = DllStructCreate("uint cbSize;uint fMask;hwnd himl")

should be

Global Const $tagREBARINFO = "uint cbSize;uint fMask;hwnd himl"

It's used in GuiReBar.au3 --> Func _GUICtrlRebar_GetBarInfo($hWnd)

Local $tINFO = DllStructCreate($tagREBARINFO)
#173 Fixed SysListView32 and, Gets different instance than Jon randallc

Hi, I presume there has been a change in obtaining windows in this version?; ? a bug (I see there was a change to ";" in windows names?) I have an App with a number of instances of same name/ ID SysListView32 on different tabs/ achild windows. seems to retrieve a different instance; can I specify this better? CODE: AutoIt WinActivate('Medical')

Local $WindowHwnd = HWnd(WinGetHandle('Medical')) If @error Then ConsoleWrite("@error $WindowHwnd@error=" & @error & @LF) ConsoleWrite("$WindowHwnd =" & $WindowHwnd & @LF) Local $TabControl_HWnd = ControlGetHandle($WindowHwnd, , '[Class:SysTabControl32;Instance:1]') If @error Then ConsoleWrite("@error $TabControl_HWnd @error=" & @error & @LF) ConsoleWrite("$TabControl_HWnd =" & $TabControl_HWnd & @LF) ControlSend('Medical', "", $TabControl_HWnd, "!l!x"); 'Curr&x'

Local $FileListView_HWnd = ControlGetHandle($WindowHwnd, , '[Class:SysListView32;Instance:8]');100); If @error Then ConsoleWrite("@error $FileListView_HWnd @error=" & @error & @LF) Local $d = 0, $i = 0, $colCount = _GUICtrlListView_GetColumnCount($FileListView_HWnd), $i, $aItems[100]

Working in

QUOTE $WindowHwnd =0x0078049C $TabControl_HWnd =0x00A405D6 Col Count: 20 for $FileListView_HWnd=0x019D0606

Not Working in

QUOTE $WindowHwnd =0x0078049C $TabControl_HWnd =0x00A405D6 Col Count: 7 for $FileListView_HWnd=0x00620792

So it retrieves a different instance with 7 cols instead of 20 cols

QUOTE Class SysListView32 Instance 8 ClassNameNN SysListView328 ID 100

Class SysListView32 Instance 8 ClassNameNN SysListView328 ID 111 Only the ID is different here (in fact sometimes the same, but not for this problem;) But I can't seem to retrieve it using ID alone.. Is there some syntax method I am missing here? Best, Randall

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