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#429 Rejected shellexecute() new feature lookinmyeyes

I have code that i would use runasset() to change the profile that a program will run under with version 3.10, i used shellexecute() after runasset() to elevate the shellexecute to specifig user privileges. i know i can use ShellExecute("rundll32.exe", "shell32.dll, OpenAs_RunDLL " & $filename, "", "runas")

to get the windows run as box, but this requires to enter username and password after they have been entered into the autoit code to start up the application.

I am suggesting something like shellexecuteas() or something similar to runas() so that we can specify in the code username and password to use.

#3756 No Bug send() bug with individual spanish apostrophe ( ´ ) mlwainsten@…

When you try to send this individual character ´ followed by another letter, the letter gets accentuated. This could be resolved by pressing ´ followed by a space when the individual character is found

´ -> á
#3231 Fixed second in Date.au3 Melba23 Ontosy

File: Include\Date.au3 Line: 1043

If $iSecond > 0 Then DllStructSetData($tSYSTEMTIME, "Second", $iSecond)

instead of

If $iSecond > 0 Then DllStructSetData($tSYSTEMTIME, "Seconds", $iSecond)

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