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#602 Rejected AutoitWrapper Methods for Handling 'Run After' Asaman83687

I compiled my script for an experiment when i encountered this error on console window of Scite

'ResHacker.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

with an autoitwrapper code of

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_After=ResHacker.exe -add %out%, %out%, image3.jpg, rcdata, TEST_JPG_3, 0

but it turned OK when I used

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_After=Start ResHacker.exe -add %out%, %out%, image3.jpg, rcdata, TEST_JPG_3, 0

I think AutoitWrapper must somehow change it's way of handling running after/before events because it uses

Run(@ComSpec & ' /C ' & $INP_Run_After[$x] & '', '', @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD)

in running other programs which can produce errors

#1028 Fixed _ClipBoard_GetData does not work properly Jpm Ascend4nt

In working with _ClipBoard_GetData() and looking at the code (in Clipboard.au3), I've noticed some major flaws with it (AutoIT version

  1. Unicode text will not be returned (at all)
  2. An arbitrary limit is placed on the ANSI/OEM text to be returned (8192 chars)
  3. The Clipboard is closed before the data is transferred. (From the source code I've reviewed, this is not good form)
  4. The Global memory isn't locked for anything but ANSI/OEM text
  5. Returning any other data types then the 3 it handles will result in a Global memory handle being returned (*not* locked)

With my code, I went ahead and fixed all of the above, and used the _MemMoveMemory() function to transfer memory to an AutoIT structure for only the 'unknown' data types. (The rest can be obtained quite easily).

Also: one enhancement: The size of the data is returned in @extended, and is in chars for CF_TEXT, CF_OEMTEXT, and CF_UNICODETEXT, or in bytes for any other data type.

I don't know the method for submitting the fixed code or extra documentation (regarding @extended), so please let me know what else I should do.

Fixed code is attached.

#1031 Fixed _ClipBoard_SetData inconsistency with new _ClipBoard_GetData Jpm Ascend4nt

Not sure if this is the place to put this, but this isn't really a feature request, and isn't quite (but-almost-is) a bug. It has to do with the new _ClipBoard_GetData changes made for AutoIT v3.3.1.2. See ticket #1028 @

This new version allows Binary or String input, to match the output of _ClipBoard_GetData. (It also allows the special NULL case which has something to do with the program handling Clipboard requests itself).

While this may break some code, it makes sense to me to keep it consistent with the return values of _ClipBoard_GetData, and avoids the confusing mess of allocating memory prior to a call.

I'm attaching the new (tested) code.

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