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#138 Rejected Ability to add custom helpfile values anonymous

Lets say that person Y makes a script they could also use this to have there function installed into the #include folder as well as the help file.

#139 Rejected window identification / fixing current window _alexei@…

Currently, AutoIt can not guarantee keystrokes sent by Send would go to the particular window. Focus may change because of many reasons (other app. activity, system popup, user interference, etc.) There is no simple way to find a window with particular relation to already known window in terms of child/parent/sibling/owner of any level, also, verifying window class and other properties. That's pretty easy to implement by verifying each window in Z-chain against specified properties and relations. I want to be 100% sure AutoIt clicks the button (or sends keystrokes to the window) it was programmed to. Bottom line: util window identification becomes reliable, AutoIT is just a dangerous toy, unsuitable to serious applications. BTW, "special treatment" of controls creates unnecessary limitations, as controls are just windows with specific relations to the parent/owner.

#142 Duplicate Get Array from LDAP-Field anonymous

When the Function _ADGETObjectInOU from ADFunctions.au3 Version 3.1.2 get an Aray as Answer nothing is displayed.

If you add this lines, they are displayed

If isarray($objRecordSet.Fields ($dtrArray[$i]).Value) Then

$Array = $objRecordSet.Fields ($dtrArray[$i]).Value $ObjectArray[$count][$i - 1] = $Array[0]


$ObjectArray[$count][$i - 1] = $objRecordSet.Fields ($dtrArray[$i]).Value


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