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#83 Fixed _ChooseFont Gary Bert

The syntax in the helpfile says:

#Include <Misc.au3>
_ChooseFont([$sFontName = "Courier New"[, $iPointSize = 10[, $iColorRef = 0[, $iFontWeight = 0[, $iItalic = False[, $iUnderline = False[, $iStrikethru = False[, $hWndOwner = 0]]]]]]]])

And then the params says:

$sFontName Default font name 
$iPointSize Pointsize of font 
$iColorRef COLORREF rgbColors 
$iFontWeight Font Weight 
$iItalic Italic 
$iUnderline Underline 
$iStrikethru Optional: Strikethru 

It's missing $hWndOwner... :)

#84 Fixed SciTE doing syntax checking in comments in certin instances Jos anonymous


#include <File.au3>	; used for file operations, such as 'FileCreate'

returns this in console...

ERROR: illegal characters after #include statement

the problem is the single quote(s), but only in certain instances.

this is fine:

; RUN 'Msg_AncPath' GUI

#85 Wont Fix Scite, 'console' to 'source error line' jumping. (filename issue) Jos M.v.Gulik

A filename or path with '('...')' text, virtually disables the 'console error message' to 'source error line' jumping feature in scite4autoit.

Scite4AutoIt v2008.01.26 (AutoIt v3.2.10.0/v3.2.11.0, WinXp-Pro-sp2)

;; filename: 'File with () bug.au3'
Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)
$True = True
$False = False
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