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#2368 No Bug Inconsistent GUICreate results vlad@…

GUICreate produces a window with sizes dependent on the style used.

I am attaching two files: a demo script and the script's output. While I'm sure there are reasons behind this (maybe even Win API "philosophy"), I think a user not well versed in GUI tweaking might expect a consistent behavior (as WinMove offers - see the example).

#1001 No Bug Program crashes on standalone runtime but not when running from ide (Scite vinu.felix@…

I have a program which creates a Windows WMI object to retrieve info like processor usage free memory usage and show results in a html format. The program works fine in Windowx XP. When it ran on Vista it works inside Scite, but when I compile and run it as a3x or exe it crashes Error message..

Line -1: Error:The requested action with this object has failed. ((OK))

The complete source code is included. I am not sure where is ti going wrong. Canyou please help ??

#1864 No Bug Not properly install in Debain Operating System vikassolanke@…

This s/w is not installed on the Debain Operating System.

It will give system Error / not support to the OS.

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