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#725 No Bug How to Search a Text in a Screen Capture from AutoIT udaybarua23

The application is not Windows based. So the Text on the screen is not available on WinGetText. It is available on ScreenCapture from AutoIT. How do I search for a string in this Screen Shot Which is in BMP or JPG format. Many thanks in advance.

#2099 Works For Me Crash of script when using "_GUICtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx()" function uberis

The script crashes when "_GUICtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx()" is used in combination with "_GUICtrlDTP_SetFormat" to set a date field as marked.

Worked fine in Version


GUICtrlSetData($idDatum, $_idDatum)
$st1 = GUICtrlGetHandle($idDatum)
_GUICtrlDTP_SetFormat($st1, "dd.MM.yyyy")
_GUICtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx($st1, $_idDatum, False)
#1714 Wont Fix controlID is not evaluated completely Jon u.kolender@…

When determining a control by class, id and text the text is not considered for identifying the control.


  1. Open notepad.
  2. Select to replace a string, so that the replacement dialog is open.
  3. The code:
$title = "Ersetzen" ; replace dialog
$cID = "[CLASS:Button;ID:2;TEXT:Nonsense]" ; cancel button with invalid text
MsgBox(0, "Debug", ControlCommand($title, "", $cID, "IsVisible", ""))

--> the button is found and the result is "1".

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