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#507 No Bug Problem with GuiToolTip UDF functions using only TTM_*W message constants. Gary Bowmore

Win XP Pro Sp2 AutoIt Last known working version AutoIt

Changes made since AutoIt version to this UDF to use only the TTM_*W version of messages have resulted in some of the functions no longer working on some third party applications. I've tried the simple test script attached on many different applications with the following results.

Using the TTM_*W messages works on most but not all applications

Using the TTM_*A messages works on all applications that TTM_*W messages works on plus some that TTM_*W messages do not work on.

I've created the attached test script to displays tooltip info for toolbar buttons using modified versions of the GUI_ToolTips functions _GUIToolTip_EnumTools() and _GUIToolTip_GetText() to demonstrate the effect of using both ANSI (Hotkey 1) and Wide messages (Hotkey 2)

The only commonly available application I've been able to find that shows the behaviour I have observed is AutoIt3\SciTE\AutoItMacroGenerator\AutoItMacroGenerator02.exe

#512 No Bug Runas problem with new version. anonymous

Hello I write a program when coulndt run correctly I have tried with that simple code. When I start the program installation is starting and it is saying you are not administrator. But I used Local Administrator or domain administrator. nothing changed. so I tried to another pc and other version (v3.2.12.0). In my computer I have v3.2.12.1 and also I tried with beta. I have installed v3.2.10.0 to clear computer it worked well I updated v3.2.12.1 . It couldnt work again.

I have tried it in my home pc. Same problem.

If Not IsAdmin() Then RunAs('username', "Domain", 'Password',0,@ComSpec,@SystemDir)

RunWait("c:\install_flash_player.exe") MsgBox(0,"","complate") EndIf

#514 No Bug StdoutRead seems broken on latest public & beta robinacjohnston@…

Updated to the latest Public ( today so as to gain support for Windows 2008 OS Type and found my script no longer worked. On debuging found that StdoutRead no longer appears to work. Command I'm using follows the example code exactly as indicated below...

$return = Run("c:\tester.bat", "c:\", @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD) $line = StdoutRead($return) MsgBox(0, "STDOUT read:", $line)

Should also mention that I tried using @Comspec too, but made no difference. Also, developed on XP for use on Windows 2008 -32bit, but also would not work on XP -32bit.

Final point, re-installed previous autoit version and all work fine

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