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#250 Rejected @CurrentScript Jpm McGod

I would like to request a macro for the script you are currently running in, such as Array.au3 or My_Included_File.au3. This would help me a lot when I am Debugging.

@ScriptName only returns the name of the file executed.

@CurrentScript - Returns the name of where the code is being executed from.

#689 No Bug @DesktopDir macro introduces unwanted characters at times. sanchezconsulting@…

Under Windows Vista, the @DesktopDir macro sometimes "shifts" certain characters. For example, the ":" may get down shifted to a ";", while the "\" may get up shifted to "|"

This happens under Windows Vista English US, English Canada, French Canada and Spanish Latin America languages. The versions of Vista range from Home Premium to Ultimate with both 32- and 64-bit versions. The defect seems to be random.

The @DesktopDir macro was used to create a variable that contained a file name, and then ControlSend() was used to send the variable to a "Save As" window's edit box, so it could be a combination of both @DesktopDir and ControlSend()

#3547 Completed @ErrorStdOut or $ErrorStdOut for /ErrorStdOut Jpm argumentum

to make a reserved variable, as is in the case of $CmdLineRaw, or a macro, to hold the output from "AutoIt Error", to be held in a similar variable, let's say $ErrorStdOut, to be available at OnAutoItExitRegister(), just as @exitMethod is there, maybe @ErrorStdOut or $ErrorStdOut can be available.

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