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#2373 Fixed @ScriptDir returns trailing slash BinaryBrother@…

@ScriptDir is returning a trailing slash for me, consistently, on the machine that I'm currently using.

The problem is either in functionality or documentation. The help documentation says that this Macro will NOT return a trailing slash.

Windows 7 x86 UAC Enabled -All Stock

Relevant forum thread:

#2302 Rejected @ScriptLineNumber in compiled scripts Fulgor

For testing I put several MsgBox(0,@ScriptLineNumber , "error x") in my script. But in the compiled file the ScriptLineNumber is always -1. I know here did not exist a linenumber, but for better find the error the compiled-script should also show the linenumber of the source-script.

#2812 Completed @ScriptLineNumber - HelpFile - Clarification Melba23 mLipok

HelpFile do not say anything about @ScriptLineNumber that it is related to au3 file

here is repro script which show what I mean:

Local $sTEMP
For $i = 1 To 30
	$sTEMP &= @CRLF
	If $i = 20 Then
		FileWrite('ScriptLineNumber_UDF1.au3', _
				$sTEMP & _
				'ConsoleWrite("UDF1: " & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF)' & _
FileWrite('ScriptLineNumber_UDF2.au3', _
		$sTEMP & _
		'ConsoleWrite("UDF2: " & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF)' & _
FileWrite('ScriptLineNumber_TEST.au3', _
		'#include "ScriptLineNumber_UDF1.au3"' & @CRLF & _
		'#include "ScriptLineNumber_UDF2.au3"' & @CRLF & _
		'ConsoleWrite("MAIN SCRIPT: " & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF)' & @CRLF & _

ShellExecute(@ScriptDir & "\ScriptLineNumber_TEST.au3")
MsgBox(0, '', 'Now try to RUN (ScriptLineNumber_TEST.au3) using F5 in SCITE')

Please consider extending the description in the documentation.

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