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#611 No Bug This caused crashing: $pcLocked = DllCall("user32","Long","OpenInputDesktop") ducjava@…

This caused crashing: $pcLocked = DllCall("user32","Long","OpenInputDesktop")

It was running fine with AutoIt v3.2.0.1, but crashed in v3.2.12.1

Please reply me if you know the problem. Thanks.

#613 No Bug Obfsucator Stripping ObjEvent functions tulio150
ObjEvent($obj, "Prefix", "Something")
Func PrefixEvent()
Func Prefix()

Running Obfuscator will remove the "PrefixEvent" UDF, but not the "Prefix"

#625 No Bug Page faults caused by Sleep JRSmile

Hi there, i noticed in a service that i have written that autoit generates massive page faults when there is a loop in the source code with a sleep more then 250 ms, this is caused by windows moving the memory to the page file while the autoit script sleeps and moves it back when autoit gets awake.

i created a small sleep function that can handle one parameter that will be held in memory due to constant accessing it, but this should not be the solution.

Would a developer have a look if this bad thing can be patched away in the autoit binary functions itself?.

here the function: Func _sleep($time, $var)

$time *= 4 while $time

Sleep(250) $time -= 1 if IsArray($var) Then

if $var[0] or 1 = 1 Then ContinueLoop


if $var or 1 = 1 Then ContinueLoop




maybe you get the clue then :) for me it works. i use autoit often as service so it will run 24/7 for example in 48 hours it generates 101714852528 page faults, 10000 per second if it is NOT in the 50 second sleep loop.

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