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#1510 Duplicate The $tagNMTVKEYDOWN structure Gary rexx26@…

Global Const $tagNMTVKEYDOWN = $tagNMHDR & ";word VKey;uint Flags"

VKey always got 0 in x64.

Should it be ptr or something else?

#1520 No Bug _ArrayAdd doesn't work after _ArrayDelete has removed the last element Gary snarks@…

_ArrayDelete returns an empty string after the last element of an array has been removed. _ArrayAdd will not then work, as the variable is no longer an array.

_ArrayAdd could be simply amended to test for an empty string and assign a one-element array to the variable, possinly using the internal _ArrayCreate function.

Alternatively, if the existing behaviour of not being able to replace an empty string with an array needs to be conserved, _ArrayDelete could be amended to return a special value that could then be detected by _ArrayAdd. I don't know enough about the AutoIt internals to know if such a special value could be crafted that would not clash with existing functionality or cause additional problems to such functions as UBound() which should retain its existing behaviour of returning 0 for an "empty array" special value.

#1587 Duplicate Modified Debug functionality Gary jr@…

After installing the newest version of AutoIT I found that the functionality for _DebugSetup has been changed significantly. Instead of using the notepad window, it now features a built-in report window plus some other options. Apart from the fact that the report window has no search capabilities, the real problem is that now all scripts that have debugging activated exit only after the report window is closed. This is a real problem in cases where you have multiple processes run in succession (restart). I use the debugging capability for tracing purposes, which will be no longer possible since the processes refuse to exit.

Running the example you can see in the task manager that both processes will stay active until the debug window is closed.

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