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#651 No Bug FileFindFirstFile FileFindNextFile _FileListToArray not support mulit-byte folder name RobinHoo

Once ran the the script under Chinese Windows XP SP3, found the _FileListToArray not working. After troubleshooting found the problem was in the folder name in Chinese. The most strage thing is the same folder name, which is in Chinese too, works in English Windows XP SP3. Checked the source code of _FileListToArray, got known that the problem caused by FileFindNextFile. No source code for FileFindNextFile, not sure the root cause of it. Pls try to check or send me the source code of FileFindNextFile, I can check for you, since the environment maybe not easy to rebuild. Thanks for your attention, and look forward your reply on it.

Thanks Best Regards Robin Hoo

#652 No Bug _FileListToArray() does not returnarray if no file s found RickJ

if _FileListToArray() doesn't find any files it does not return an array. It should probably return an array of one or two elements with the first element having a value of zero.

Currently @error is set to a value of 4 to indicate no files found so it's possible to workaround this. IMHO a function should always return the same data type.

#653 No Bug _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle anonymous

Example for _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle: (_WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx) When I type "a" or "A": there is no difference. I always receive an "A"

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