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#452 No Bug virus found in v3.2.12.1 released (12th June, 2008) allison@…

it apears there is a virus or a virus signature found in autoitsc.bin that was installed from the version v3.2.12.1 released (12th June, 2008)

can you advise if this indeed a virus or just a 'problem' with my anti-virus checking

the anti-virus software is Grisoft's AVG 8.0.138

Kindest regards

Allison Clements

#4 Wont Fix viewing post selection Jon Katrijn


Search for Josbe so that when you pull him up in the member list he is the only one on the page. When you click the down arrow to view the menu the "Find Members Post" is hidden behind the Skin Selector box.

This only happens when you have only one on the Memebers Lists page. I use IE. It doesn't do this in Firefox.


#2251 Rejected variables in FileInstall's "source" anonymous

As far as I can see in issue #768, it should be possible to use variables in FileInstall's "source" if I upgrade to version 3.3.0

I have downloaded AutoIt and SciTe using "autoit full installation" at, and after seing the "cut down version" of SciTe, I downloaded SciTe v using SciTE4AutoIt3.exe at

I installed it on my Windows XP SP2, being local administrator, but when opening SciTE it shows "SciTE Version 3.2.0, Jun 9 2012 00:35:28 by Neil Hodgson"

And I can't use this:

Global $_sSource = "MyNewTool"
Global $_sTarget = "C:\ITD\Setup.exe"
Global $_bStatus

$_bStatus = FileInstall("C:\Temp\" & $_sSource & "\Setup.exe",$_sTarget,1)
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