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#642 Fixed Beta helpfile not opening correctly Valik Volly

Process to reproduce issue:

  1. Run beta installer
  2. You will be asked to Show Release notes - click box to view them
  3. This will open the Beta Helpfile under the History / Change log section.
  4. AutoIt Help file opens to History / Change log
  5. Click on Contents tab
  6. Change to User Defined Functions - Not possible, for they are not there.

You have to close the help file, then reopen it to see that section of the helpfile.

A picture showing the problem can be found here:

No big deal to fix, but if not fixed, the work around is pretty simple to do. Just making you aware of the issue.

#646 Fixed Call statement -- setting of @error Valik pdaughe

Following execution of the Call statement, @error may be set by the called function. Thus, @error does not indicate the called function does not exist. In previous AutoIt releases, @error was only set if the called function did not exist, as documented.

Call ("Test")
If @error Then MsgBox (0, "Test", "Error = " & @error)
Func Test ()
SetError (2)

I wasn't sure what to put under severity, but for me, this is a significant issue. A global variable can be used to retrieve the error code of the called function if necessary.

#648 Fixed Ping doc alteration due to the server change Jpm GEOSoft

The Ping documentation will need to be changed from to

Unless of course you decide to leave it as is to show how it will throw an error. There are no others that I spotted but that doesn't mean that I found them all.

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