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#200 No Bug _ArrayDisplay Gary Xenobiologist

HI Gary/Ultima,

there was a change on the array functions between and 3.2.11.X.

In it is possible to do this _ArrayDisplay(_bla(). Using a func which returns the array as parameter for _ArrayDisplay and in beta it isn't cause the array is Const Byref.

Is this only done to avoid doubling the array in RAM? Will this be standard for the future?



#201 Duplicate DLLCall: $aRet[4] is invalid in AutoIT Jpm Rayburn

Hi, I'm new here. I've been creating a script with AutoIT that uses COM. My Script includes a call to IEControlGetObjFromHWND. I keep receiving the error "Subscript uses non-Array variable" on line 4091 of IE.au3. I did error checking to ensure that the window handle that I was passing to the IEControlGetObjFromHWND function was valid, and it was. My script kept stopping with the same error on 2 of the 3 PCs that I tried it on (all XP Pro SP2). On one of the PCs, I never got the error, the script ran flawlessly. I checked the versions of AutoIT, and found that the version that was on the two PCs that generated the error was version, and the version on the PC where the script ran flawlessly was Trying the latest beta resulted in the same error. I played around with the IEControlGetObjFromHWND function and added error checking right after the call to DLLCall to see if the $aRet variable was valid, and it wasn't. If you need me to post a script, let me know. I hope I've explained it well enough. Thanks.

#202 Rejected Would like to be able to Branch on condition Everseeker

Before you whack this request for a GoTo, let me explain... Consider a stack of a couple hundred records, with 50 elements in each. In a loop, pull 1 record and perform 70+ transforms on various parts of the record, including feeding data to an external application after each transformation. When done, get the next record and repeat.. all well and good, nothing new here. Now, consider the following issue: at any point in the processing, the external application can throw up a "Bad data" box. I am catching that event Via Adlib() So, Error box caught.. and, because this means the Data is bad, I can NOT process this record any more. So how do I abort the record? There is no way to "On condition, branch to the end of the loop"

The consensus in the forums is that, before each and every single statement in the loop, I have to add an "If $Abortcode="false" then condition. For 3 or 4 statement loops, that's fine, but for 70+ steps, with an average of 10 lines per step, you're talking about adding 700 lines of code. That is a bit much.... So, I am proposing as an extension of If...Ehen... Else If...Then ::Label and ::Label be added as a location marker (If you ever see some idiot use If 1=1 then ::Label, feel free to fry them in oil)

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