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#151 No Bug Constant redeclaration bug anonymous

Works from the GO command in scite but not when you run it from a double click

#154 No Bug Error : Can not redeclare a constant eyjerome@…

Hello !

I'm a new user of AutoIt ( For start, i used the help file. But, when i use the sample script of the function _ArrayAdd (or other) :

#include <Array.au3>
Dim $avArray[10]
$avArray[0] = "JPM"
$avArray[1] = "Holger"
$avArray[2] = "Jon"
$avArray[3] = "Larry"
$avArray[4] = "Jeremy"
$avArray[5] = "Valik"
$avArray[6] = "Cyberslug"
$avArray[7] = "Nutster"
$avArray[8] = "JdeB"
$avArray[9] = "Tylo"
_ArrayDisplay( $avArray, "Whole array" )
_ArrayAdd( $avArray,"Brian")
_ArrayDisplay( $avArray, "Updated Array" )

I get :

C:\PROGRAM FILES\AUTOIT3\Include\Memory.au3 (56) : ==> Can not redeclare a constant.: 
Global Const $PROCESS_TERMINATE = 0x00000001 
Global Const ^ ERROR
>Exit code: 1    Time: 3.380

Can I make an error or is this a bug ?

Thanks (and sorry for my english ;-) )


#157 No Bug AutoIT Info does not see all controlls in windows Vista Lang

Using the following code to get to the window in question, you will find that auto IT can not see any or a least most of the controls on some windows in Vista. Note: Your wireless adaptor is assumed to be nammed 'Wireless'. You can either change the name I used or change your adaptor's name. I am attaching the code as well as the information the AutoIT info viewer reports. The mouse was over the control I wish to use, but it does not appear in the info text.

To open this window manually (in case my script doesn't work for you: Open Network properties: Right click on wireless network adapter Select: Connect/Disconnect In New window - Connect to a network: Select Open and Network sharing center

It is on this window that I wish to select "Manage wireless Networks" I Have attached what my info box displays with the mouse over this control.

Also of note: The window launched by this control has the same issues, but these issues are worse from my perspective since I can't tell when certain controls like remove are present and I can;t seem to get a list of network profiles I have set up.

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