21:06 Ticket #2253 (Ping returns success with no connection) closed by trancexx
No Bug: Any other thoughts you like to share?
14:41 Ticket #2253 (Ping returns success with no connection) created by vacko
If you boot your OS with LAN cable unplugged and use ping …


14:44 Ticket #2252 (_GUICtrlListView_DeleteAllItems Bug) created by Melba23
The current implementation of _GUICtrlListView_DeleteAllItems
10:49 Ticket #2250 (Add DirMove() to the "Related:" list for DirCopy() in the helpfile.) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [7179] in version:


21:37 Ticket #2208 (ControlGetText not working on calculator) closed by trancexx
Rejected: It would only confuse users more. My opinion at this point is that ControlGetText should not return this text as it can be anything and not necessarily what's displayed on control.
21:30 Ticket #1788 (_GUICtrlRichEdit_GetMargins and _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetMargins) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Atually I'm bored most of the time.


17:02 Ticket #2251 (variables in FileInstall's "source") closed by Valik
Rejected: You're not very smart. So many examples of that. Please go away.
10:01 Ticket #2251 (variables in FileInstall's "source") created by anonymous
As far as I can see in issue #768, it should be possible to use …


20:43 Ticket #2250 (Add DirMove() to the "Related:" list for DirCopy() in the helpfile.) created by Spiff59
This page intentionally left blank.
17:05 Ticket #2249 (RegRead(): Unexpected @extended result - possible bug) closed by Valik
No Bug: Hint: Your code sucks. Here's some real code. […] Notice the following: * I don't write to HKLM since, you know, you shouldn't write to HKLM unless you want the write redirected on Vista or later. * I take the time to clean up the registry so the mess isn't left behind. * Check the value of @error since, you know, it's kind of important SINCE AN ERROR OCCURRED. No bug, code is working as intended.


23:29 Ticket #2249 (RegRead(): Unexpected @extended result - possible bug) created by gds2525@…
; RegRead(): Unexpected @extended return for REG_TYPE when ; …
18:37 Ticket #2248 (VarGetName() & @FunctionName) closed by Valik
Rejected: General guideline #4. If you are asking a question you are in the wrong place.
12:42 Ticket #2248 (VarGetName() & @FunctionName) created by anonymous
This has been requested before in #609. This was four years ago, …


19:32 Ticket #2247 (Documentation needs change for @Desktop macros) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [7171] in version:


04:59 Ticket #2247 (Documentation needs change for @Desktop macros) created by RichardPillay@…
The macro reference for @DesktopWidth and @DesktopHeight creates …


21:19 Ticket #2246 (Excel.au3: Some more constants) created by c.haslam@…
The following constants are missing from excel.au3: […] You …
18:57 Ticket #2245 (Microsoft Access UDF) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Thanks but no.
08:44 Ticket #2245 (Microsoft Access UDF) created by aymhenry@…
- This UDF will be connected to MDB file - Can read/write/query data. …


08:04 Ticket #1700 (Synchronous ObjEvent) closed by trancexx
Completed: Addressed by revisions [7158], [7163] and added by rev [7164].


03:47 Ticket #2244 (_ExcelNumberFormat: bug in Example 2) created by c.haslam@…
[…] should be […]


17:34 Ticket #2243 (#Include <%Environment variable path%\Script.au3>) closed by Valik
Rejected: Yeah, that's an exceptionally stupid idea. It outright guarantees scripts must be edited to adjust paths if you ever try to use the script on a different machine that doesn't have the environment variable set. Then there's the FUD in your post. It's not tedious to update the registry unless you have to do it often which you should not have to do. Finally... write your own simple GUI? I did and I even posted it on the forum although I can't find it now. It's like 30 minutes work and ~100 lines of code to present a UI that lists the current directories and provides add and remove buttons.
17:13 Ticket #2243 (#Include <%Environment variable path%\Script.au3>) created by wretched
That would be awesome if AutoIt could include files that have an …


15:51 Ticket #2242 (_FileWriteFromArray is incapable of writing only the zeroth element) created by BrewManNH
In the File.au3 UDF, the function _FileWriteFromArray can't be used to …


17:19 Ticket #2241 (AUTOIT3 cannot automate installing softwares while screen is locked) closed by Valik
No Bug: In other shocking news, user is too stupid to read ticket guidelines and ask questions on the forum where they belong. Very obviously no bug.
09:53 Ticket #2241 (AUTOIT3 cannot automate installing softwares while screen is locked) created by zousheng888@…
AUTOIT3 is a great software. By automating it saves us a lot of time. …
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