19:43 Ticket #3013 (Forum Intelligent Seach) closed by Jos
Rejected: The Search comes with the forum software we use so changes need to be requested there. .. or simply use Google. Jos
19:42 Ticket #3014 (Intelligent Forum Search) closed by Jos
12:02 Ticket #3002 (Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01') closed by Melba23
No Bug: I am going to close this. It seems illogical to me that the function should deal with adding/subtracting an interval smaller than the lowest interval defined in the DTG passed to it. If the user wants to add/subtract a time interval they need to define the start time, not expect the function to default to some arbitrary value. M23
00:11 Ticket #3014 (Intelligent Forum Search) created by jrsofsd
I'd like to see a Forum Intelligent Search option in addition to …


23:56 Ticket #3013 (Forum Intelligent Seach) created by jrsofsd
Id like to see a Forum Intelligent Search option in addition to …


22:42 Ticket #3012 (GUISetFont - no default value for parameter: attribute) created by mLipok
In HelpFile documentation there is lack of information about the …


08:06 Ticket #3011 (_FileListToArrayRec does not closes file handle) closed by Melba23
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11269] in version:


09:40 Ticket #3011 (_FileListToArrayRec does not closes file handle) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
After we read files in subfolders, the folder handle is not closed, …


17:37 Ticket #3010 (Au3Info - Double Click on Listview in "Control" Tab) created by mLipok
When I 2*click on "Advanced Mode" then I get "[CLASS:Button; …


10:48 Ticket #3009 (MouseGetCursor for HAND) created by Jpm
Running GUISetCursor examle and after run MouseGetCursor example does …


18:23 Ticket #3008 (texting on a notepad) closed by Jos
Rejected: This is a site for feature requests or Bug reports, not support requests. Please visit our forum for support. Jos
11:11 Ticket #3008 (texting on a notepad) created by maheshit22@…
I am able to enter text in a notepad and save it. But what 1.if i …


15:42 Ticket #3007 (Make {} the empty map.) created by Jaberwacky
15:41 Ticket #3006 (Create a shortcut for the expression in a With statement.) created by Jaberwocky
15:39 Ticket #3005 (Allow maps as expressions in a "With" statement.) created by Jaberwacky


22:12 Ticket #3004 (Anonymous Maps) created by jaberwacky
So I have an idea which I think will make coding a little easier in …


22:58 Ticket #3003 (Using a function call in an array assignment causes 2 function calls) created by jguinch
With this code : […] "myFunction" appears two times in the output …


17:21 Ticket #2988 (_Excel_RangeFind fails without throwing error when searching inactive ...) closed by water
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11252] in version:
17:07 Ticket #2993 (_Excel_RangeFind returns only last occurrence of string found Rather ...) closed by water
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11251] in version:
02:15 Ticket #2983 (_WinApi_GetString documentation error) closed by guinness


10:38 Milestone completed


14:12 Ticket #3002 (Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01') created by mLipok
Repro: […] solusion proposal: new internal function: […] …
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