Active Directory UDF - GetObjectProperties

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Function _AD_GetObjectProperties returns all or just the specified properties of an object in "decoded" (readable) form.

If you ask the function to return all properties of an object it does not return "constructed attributes" ("virtual attributes"). Most of this "constructed attributes" get calculated dynamically at run time by the LDAP server and are not actually part of the LDAP Entry.

Details can be found here.


Return the password expiration date/time when fine grained password policy ("FGPP") is active.

$aObjects = _AD_GetoObjectProperties(@username, "MSDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed") ; Returns the password expiration date/time using the constructed attribute
$aObjects = _AD_GetoObjectProperties(@username, "") ; Returns all static attributes, so the password expiration date/time (when FGPP is used) is missing