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In order to receive support and share your own scripts you may sign up for one or more of the forums.

Official Forums

The official forum is a very good place to get help and share scripts. It has a lot of members and is often praised for its quick and professional help and support. One of the advantages of AutoIt over other, more global, languages - is the concentrated community. There you are posting alongside the developers of the code, so chances are they know what they're talking about!

AutoIt Forums

Searching the Forums

The AutoIt forum allows for users to form powerful search queries which is a boon to any AutoIt user. If the answer to a question is not found in the help file then a search of the forum is in order. Before you post a question it is always better to search the forums first to see if your question has been answered before. There are two common ways to search the forum:

The file downloads section of the site can also be searched.

Using Google

The forum search engine is very powerful, but if you find that you need more power you could try Google Google cannot be used to search the Chat forum.

Enter into Google: your search query.

If you are an advanced user then try:

(site:* | tutorial howto

Note: Spaces around | is important.

And finally a slightly different search:

filetype:pdf autoit

Code of Conduct

Before you post a question or start a new script, it is always better to search the forums first to see if your question has been answered before or to see if you can find a similar script shared by someone else. Please think about asking the right question and asking the question right! Do not make posts discussing the automation of games in any manner for any reason. They will not be answered. Persistence will most likely result in a swift and permanent ban.

These are must read topics before posting anything:

Unofficial Forums

These are some of the other unofficial forums which are often in languages other than English.

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