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This function list should be a duplicate of the one found on the function list found in the standard documentation. If the content differs then the other page takes precedence. Some effort has been made to add value to the contents of this page over that one.

Functon nameDescription
AbsCalculates the absolute value of a number.
ACosCalculates the arccosine of a number.
AdlibRegisterRegisters an Adlib function.
AdlibUnRegisterUnregisters an Adlib function.
AscReturns the ASCII code of a character.
AscWReturns the unicode code of a character.
ASinCalculates the arcsine of a number.
AssignAssigns a variable by name with the data.
ATanCalculates the arctangent of a number.
AutoItSetOptionChanges the operation of various AutoIt functions/parameters.
AutoItWinGetTitleRetrieves the title of the AutoIt window.
AutoItWinSetTitleChanges the title of the AutoIt window.
BeepPlays back a beep to the user.
BinaryReturns a binary representation of an expression.
BinaryLenReturns the number of bytes in a binary variant.
BinaryMidExtracts the number of bytes from a binary variant.
BinaryToStringConverts a binary variant into a string.
BitANDPerforms a bitwise AND operation.
BitNOTPerforms a bitwise NOT operation.
BitORPerforms a bitwise OR operation.
BitRotatePerforms a bit shifting operation with rotation.
BitShiftPerforms a bit shifting operation.
BitXORPerforms a bitwise exclusive OR operation.
BlockInputDisables/Enables user input.
BreakEnable/Disable the user's ability to exit a script from the tray icon menu.
CallCalls a user-defined function contained in a string parameter.
CDTrayOpens or closes the CD tray.
CeilingReturns a number rounded up to the next integer.
ChrReturns a character corresponding to an ASCII code.
ChrWReturns a character representation to a unicode code.
ClipGetRetrieves text from clipboard.
ClipPutWrites text to clipboard.
ConsoleReadRead from STDIN stream of the AutoIt script process.
ConsoleWriteWrites data to the STDOUT stream.
ConsoleWriteErrorWrites data to the STDERR stream.
ControlClickSends a mouse click command to a given control.
ControlCommandSends a command to a control.
ControlDisableDisables a control.
ControlEnableEnables a control.
ControlFocusSets input focus to a given control on a window.
ControlGetFocusReturns the ControlRef# of the control that has keyboard focus within a specified window.
ControlGetHandleRetrieves the internal handle of a control.
ControlGetPosRetrieves the position and size of a control relative to it's window.
ControlGetTextRetrieves text from a control.
ControlHideHides a control.
ControlListViewSends a command to a ListView32 control.
ControlMoveMoves a control within a window.
ControlSendSends a string of characters to a control.
ControlSetTextSets text of a control.
ControlShowUnhides a control.
ControlTreeViewSends a command to a TreeView32 control.
CosCalculates the cosine of a value.
DecReturns a numeric representation of a hexadecimal string.
DirCopyCopy a directory.
DirCreateCreate a directory.
DirGetSizeReturns the size in bytes of a given directory.
DirMoveMove/Rename a directory.
DirRemoveDelete a directory.
DllCallDynamically calls a function in a DLL.
DllCallAddressDynamically calls a function at a specific memory address.
DllCallbackFreeFrees a previously created handle created with DLLCallbackRegister.
DllCallbackGetPtrReturns the pointer to a callback function that can be passed to the Win32 API.
DllCallbackRegisterCreates a user-defined DLL Callback function.
DllCloseCloses a previously opened DLL.
DllOpenOpens a DLL file for use in DllCall.
DllStructCreateCreates a C/C++ style structure to be used in DllCall.
DllStructGetDatareturns the data of an element of the struct.
DllStructGetPtrReturns the pointer to the struct or an element in the struct.
DllStructGetSizeReturns the size of the struct in bytes.
DllStructSetDataSets the data of an element in the struct.
DriveGetDriveReturns an array containing the enumerated drives.
DriveGetFileSystemReturns File System Type of drive.
DriveGetLabelReturns Volume Label of a drive.
DriveGetSerialReturns Serial Number of a drive.
DriveGetTypeReturns drive type.
DriveMapAddMaps a network drive.
DriveMapDelDisconnects a network drive.
DriveMapGetRetrieves the details of a mapped drive.
DriveSetLabelSets the Volume Label of a drive.
DriveSpaceFreeReturns the free disk space of a path in Megabytes.
DriveSpaceTotalReturns the total disk space of a path in Megabytes.
DriveStatusReturns the status of the drive as a string.
EnvGetRetrieves an environment variable.
EnvSetWrites an environment variable.
EnvUpdateRefreshes the OS environment.
EvalReturns the value of the variable defined by a string.
ExecuteExecute an expression.
ExpCalculates e to the power of a number.
FileChangeDirChanges the current working directory.
FileCloseCloses a previously opened file.
FileCopyCopies one or more files.
FileCreateNTFSLinkCreates an NTFS hardlink to a file or directory.
FileCreateShortcutCreates a shortcut (.lnk) to a file.
FileDeleteDelete one or more files.
FileExistsChecks if a file or directory exists.
FileFindFirstFileReturns a search "handle" according to file search string.
FileFindNextFileReturns a filename according to a previous call to FileFindFirstFile.
FileFlushFlushes the file's buffer to disk.
FileGetAttribReturns a code string representing a file's attributes.
FileGetEncodingDetermines the text encoding used in a file.
FileGetLongNameReturns the long path + name of the path + name passed.
FileGetPosRetrieves the current file position.
FileGetShortcutRetrieves details about a shortcut.
FileGetShortNameReturns the 8.3 short path+name of the path+name passed.
FileGetSizereturns the size of a file in bytes.
FileGetTimeReturns the time and date information for a file.
FileGetVersionReturns the "File" version information.
FileInstallInclude and install a file with the compiled script.
FileMoveMoves one or more files.
FileOpenOpens a text file for reading or writing.
FileOpenDialogInitiates a Open File Dialog.
FileReadRead in a number of characters from a previously opened text file.
FileReadLineRead in a line of text from a previously opened text file.
FileReadToArrayReads the specified file into an array.
FileRecycleSends a file or directory to the recycle bin.
FileRecycleEmptyEmpties the recycle bin.
FileSaveDialogInitiates a Save File dialog.
FileSelectFolderInitiates a Browse For Folder dialog.
FileSetAttribSets the attributes of one or more files.
FileSetEndSets the end of the file at the current file position.
FileSetPosSets the current file position.
FileSetTimeSets the timestamp of one or more files.
FileWriteAppend a line of text to the end of a previously opened text file.
FileWriteLineAppend a line of text to the end of a previously opened text file.
FloorReturns a number rounded down to the nearest integer.
FtpSetProxySets the internet proxy to use for ftp access.
FuncNameReturns the name of a function stored in a variable.
GUICreateCreates a GUI window.
GUICtrlCreateAviCreates an AVI video control for the GUI.
GUICtrlCreateButtonCreates a Button control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateCheckboxCreates a Checkbox control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateComboCreats a ComboBox control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateContextMenuCreates a context menu for a GUI or an underlying control.
GUICtrlCreateDateCreates a date control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateDummyCreates a Dummy control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateEditCreates an Edit control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateGraphicCreates a Graphic control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateGroupCreates a Group control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateIconCreates an icon within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateInputCreates an Input control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateLabelCreates a static Label control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateListCreates a List control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateListViewCreates a ListView control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateListViewItemCreates a ListView item.
GUICtrlCreateMenuCreates a Menu control for a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateMenuItemCreates a MenuItem control.
GUICtrlCreateMonthCalCreates a month calendar control for the GUI.
GUICtrlCreateObjCreates an ActiveX control for a GUI.
GUICtrlCreatePicCreates a Picture control for a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateProgressCreates a Progress control for a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateRadioCreates a Radio button control within a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateSliderCreates a Slider control for the GUI.
GUICtrlCreateTabCreates a Tab control for the GUI.
GUICtrlCreateTabItemCreates a TabItem.
GUICtrlCreateTreeViewCreates a TreeView control for a GUI.
GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItemCreates a TreeViewItem.
GUICtrlCreateUpdownCreates an UpDown control for a GUI.
GUICtrlDeleteDeletes a control.
GUICtrlGetHandleReturns the handle for a control and some special (item) handles.
GUICtrlGetStateGets the current state of a control.
GUICtrlReadReads the state or data of a control.
GUICtrlRecvMsgSends a message to a control and retrieves information in lParam.
GUICtrlRegisterListViewSortRegisters a user defined function for an internal listview sorting callback function.
GUICtrlSendMsgSends a message to a control.
GUICtrlSendToDummySends a message to a Dummy control.
GUICtrlSetBkColorSets the background color of a control.
GUICtrlSetColorSets the text color of a control.
GUICtrlSetCursorSets the mouse cursor icon for a particular control.
GUICtrlSetDataModifies the data for a control.
GUICtrlSetDefBkColorSets the default background color of all controls within a GUI.
GUICtrlSetDefColorSets the default text color of all controls within a GUI.
GUICtrlSetFontSets the font for a control.
GUICtrlSetGraphicModifies the data for a control.
GUICtrlSetImageSets a control's bitmap/icon image.
GUICtrlSetLimitLimits the number of characters/pixels for a control.
GUICtrlSetOnEventDefines a user-defined function to be called when a control is clicked.
GUICtrlSetPosChanges the position of a control within the GUI window.
GUICtrlSetResizingDefines the resizing method for a control.
GUICtrlSetStateChanges the state of a control.
GUICtrlSetStyleChanges the style of a control.
GUICtrlSetTipSets the tip text associated with a control.
GUIDeleteDeletes a GUI and all underlying controls.
GUIGetCursorInfoGets the mouse cursor position relative to the GUI window.
GUIGetMsgPolls a GUI for an event.
GUIGetStyleretrieves the styles of a GUI window.
GUIRegisterMsgRegister a user defined function for a known Windows Message ID (WM_MSG).
GUISetAcceleratorsSets the accelerator table to be used in a GUI.
GUISetBkColorSets the background color of a GUI window.
GUISetCoordSets the absolute coordinates for the next control.
GUISetCursorSest the mouse cursor icon for a GUI window.
GUISetFontSets the default font for a GUI window.
GUISetHelpSets an executable file that will run when F1 is pressed.
GUISetIconSets the icon used in a GUI window.
GUISetOnEventDefines a user function to be called when a system button is pressed.
GUISetStateChanges the state of a GUI window.
GUISetStyleChanges the styles of a GUI window.
GUIStartGroupDefines that any subsequent controls that are created will be "grouped" together.
GUISwitchSwitches the current window used for GUI functions.
HexReturns a string representation of an integer or of a binary type converted to hexadecimal.
HotKeySetSets a hotkey that calls a user function.
HttpSetProxySets the internet proxy to use for http access.
HttpSetUserAgentSets the HTTP user-agent string which is sent with all Inet requests.
HWndConverts an expression into an HWND handle.
InetCloseCloses a handle returned from InetGet().
InetGetDownloads a file from the internet using the http or ftp protocol.
InetGetInfoReturns detailed data for a handle returned from InetGet().
InetGetSizeReturns the size (in bytes) of a file located on the internet.
InetReadDownloads a file from the internet using the HTTP, HTTPS or FTP protocol.
IniDeleteDeletes a value from a standard format .ini file.
IniReadReads a value from a standard format .ini file.
IniReadSectionReads all key/value pairs from a section in a standard format .ini file.
IniReadSectionNamesReads all sections in a standard format .ini file.
IniRenameSectionRenames a section in a standard format .ini file.
IniWriteWrites a value to a standard format .ini file.
IniWriteSectionWrites a section to a standard format .ini file.
InputBoxDisplays an input box requesting a user input string.
IntReturns the integer (whole) representation of an expression.
IsAdminChecks if the current user has full administrator privileges.
IsArrayChecks if a variable is an array type.
IsBinaryChecks if a variable or expression is a binary type.
IsBoolChecks if a variable's base type is boolean.
IsDeclaredChecks if a variable has been declared.
IsDllStructChecks if a variable is a DllStruct type.
IsFloatChecks if a variable or expression is a float-type.
IsFuncChecks if a variable or expression is a function type.
IsHWndChecks if a variable's base type is a pointer and window handle.
IsIntChecks if a variable or expression is an integer type.
IsKeywordChecks if a variable is a keyword. (e.g. Default)
IsNumberChecks if variable's base type is numeric.
IsObjChecks if a variable or expression is an object type.
IsPtrChecks if a variable's base type is a pointer.
IsStringChecks if a variable is a string type.
LogCalculates the natural logarithm of a number.
MemGetStatsRetrieves memory related information.
ModPerforms the modulus operation.
MouseClickPerform a mouse click operation.
MouseClickDragPerform a a mouse click and drag operation.
MouseDownPerform a mouse down event at the current mouse position.
MouseGetCursorReturns the cursor ID Number for the current Mouse Cursor.
MouseGetPosRetrieves the current position of the mouse cursor.
MouseMoveMoves the mouse pointer.
MouseUpPerforms a mouse up event at the current mouse position.
MouseWheelMoves the mouse wheel up or down. (NT/2k/XP only)
MsgBoxDisplays a simple message box with optional timeout.
NumberReturns the numeric representation of an expression.
ObjCreateCreates a reference to a COM object from the given classname.
ObjCreateInterfaceCreates a reference to an object from the given classname/object pointer, interface identifier and description string. (experimental!)
ObjEventHandles incoming events from the given Object.
ObjGetRetrieves a reference to a COM object from an existing process or filename.
ObjNameReturns the name or interface description of an Object.
OnAutoItExitRegisterRegisters a function to be called when AutoIt exits.
OnAutoItExitUnRegisterUnregisters a function to be called when AutoIt exits.
PingPings a host and returns the roundtrip-time.
PixelChecksumGenerates a checksum for a region of pixels.
PixelGetColorReturns a pixel color according to x,y pixel coordinates.
PixelSearchSearches a rectangle of pixels for the pixel color provided.
ProcessCloseTerminates a named process.
ProcessExistsChecks to see if a specified process exists.
ProcessGetStatsReturns an array of information about a running process.
ProcessListReturns an array of currently running processes.
ProcessSetPriorityChanges the priority of a process.
ProcessWaitPauses script execution until a given process exists.
ProcessWaitClosePauses a script execution until a given process does not exist.
ProgressOffTurns Progress window off.
ProgressOnCreates a customizable progress bar window.
ProgressSetSets the position and/or text of a previously created Progress bar window.
PtrConverts an expression into a pointer variant.
RandomGenerates a pseudo-random float-type number.
RegDeleteDeletes a key or value from the registry.
RegEnumKeyReads the name of a subkey according to it's instance.
RegEnumValReads the name of a value according to it's instance.
RegReadreads a value from the registry.
RegWriteCreates a key or value in the registry.
RoundReturns a number rounded to a specified number of decimal places.
RunRuns an external program.
RunAsRuns an external program under the context of a different user.
RunAsWaitRuns an external program under the context of a different user and pauses script execution until the program finishes.
RunWaitRuns an external program and pauses script execution until the program finishes.
SendSends simulated keystrokes to the active window.
SendKeepActiveAttempts to keep a specified window active during Send().
SetErrorManually set the value of the @error macro.
SetExtendedManually set the value of the @extended macro.
ShellExecuteRuns an external program using the ShellExecute API.
ShellExecuteWaitRuns an external program using the ShellExecute API and pauses script execution until it finishes.
ShutdownShuts down the system.
SinCalculates the sine of a number.
SleepPause script execution.
SoundPlayPlay a sound file.
SoundSetWaveVolumeSets the system wave volume by percent.
SplashImageOnCreates a customizable image popup window.
SplashOffTurns SplashText or SplashImage off.
SplashTextOnCreates a customizable text popup window.
SqrtCalculates the square-root of a number.
SRandomSet Seed for random number generation.
StatusbarGetTextRetrieves the text from a standard status bar control.
StderrReadReads from the STDERR stream of a previously run child process.
StdinWriteWrites a number of characters to the STDIN stream of a previously run child process.
StdioCloseCloses all resources associated with a process previously run with STDIO redirection.
StdoutReadReads from the STDOUT stream of a previously run child process.
StringReturns the string representation of an expression.
StringAddCRTakes a string and prefixes all linefeed characters (Chr(10)) with a carriage return character (Chr(13)).
StringCompareCompares two strings with options.
StringFormatReturns a formatted string. (Similar to C's sprintf() function.)
StringFromASCIIArrayConverts an array of ASCII codes to a string.
StringInStrChecks if a string contains a given substring.
StringIsAlNumChecks if a string contains only alphanumeric characters.
StringIsAlphaChecks if a string contains only alphabetic characters.
StringIsASCIIChecks if a string contains only ASCII characters in the range 0x00 - 0x7f (0-127).
StringIsDigitChecks if a string contains only digit (0-9) characters.
StringIsFloatChecks if a string is a floating point number.
StringIsIntChecks if a string is an integer.
StringIsLowerChecks if a string contains only lowercase characters.
StringIsSpaceChecks if a string contains only whitespace characters.
StringIsUpperChecks if a string contains only uppercase characters.
StringIsXDigitChecks if a string contains only hexadecimal digit (0-F) characters.
StringLeftReturns a number of characters from the left-hand side of a string.
StringLenReturns the number of characters in a string.
StringLowerConverts a string to lowercase.
StringMidExtracts a number of characters from a string.
StringRegExpCheck if a string fits a given regular expression pattern.
StringRegExpReplaceReplace text in a string based on a regular expression.
StringReplaceReplaces substrings in a string.
StringReverseReverses the contents of the specified string.
StringRightReturns a number of characters from the right-hand side of a string.
StringSplitSplits up a string into substrings depending on the given delimiters.
StringStripCRRemoves all carriage return values ( Chr(13) ) from a string.
StringStripWSStrips whitespace from a string.
StringToASCIIArrayConverts a string to an array containing the ASCII code of each character.
StringToBinaryConverts a string into binary data.
StringTrimLeftTrims a number of characters from the left hand side of a string.
StringTrimRightTrims a number of characters from the right hand side of a string.
StringUpperConverts a string to uppercase.
TanCalculates the tangent of a number.
TCPAcceptPermits an incoming connection attempt on a socket.
TCPCloseSocketCloses a TCP socket.
TCPConnectCreate a socket connected to an existing server.
TCPListenCreates a socket listening for an incoming connection.
TCPNameToIPConverts an Internet name to IP address.
TCPRecvReceives data from a connected socket.
TCPSendSends data on a connected socket.
TCPShutdown, UDPShutdownStops TCP/UDP services.
TCPStartup, UDPStartupStarts TCP/UDP services.
TimerDiffReturns the difference in time from a previous call to TimerInit().
TimerInitReturns a handle that can be passed to TimerDiff() to calculate the difference in milliseconds.
ToolTipCreates a tooltip anywhere on the screen.
TrayCreateItemCreates a MenuItem control for the tray.
TrayCreateMenuCreates a menu control for the tray menu.
TrayGetMsgPolls the tray to see if any events have occurred.
TrayItemDeleteDeletes a menu/item control from the tray menu.
TrayItemGetHandleReturns the handle for a tray menu(item).
TrayItemGetStateGets the current state of a control.
TrayItemGetTextGets the itemtext of a tray menu/item control.
TrayItemSetOnEventDefines a user-defined function to be called when a tray item is clicked.
TrayItemSetStateSets the state of a tray menu/item control.
TrayItemSetTextSets the itemtext of a tray menu/item control.
TraySetClickSets the clickmode of the tray icon - what mouseclicks will display the tray menu.
TraySetIconLoads/Sets a specified tray icon.
TraySetOnEventDefines a user function to be called when a special tray action happens.
TraySetPauseIconLoads/Sets a specified tray pause icon.
TraySetStateSets the state of the tray icon.
TraySetToolTip(Re)Sets the tooltip text for the tray icon.
TrayTipDisplays a balloon tip from the AutoIt Icon.
UBoundReturns the size of array dimensions.
UDPBindCreate a socket bound to an incoming connection.
UDPCloseSocketClose a UDP socket.
UDPOpenOpen a socket connected to an existing server.
UDPRecvReceives data from a opened socket.
UDPSendSends data on an opened socket.
VarGetTypeReturns the internal type representation of a variant.
WinActivateActivates (gives focus to) a window.
WinActiveChecks to see if a specified window exists and is currently active.
WinCloseCloses a window.
WinExistsChecks to see if a specified window exists.
WinFlashFlashes a window in the taskbar.
WinGetCaretPosReturns the coordinates of the caret in the foreground window.
WinGetClassListRetrieves the classes from a window.
WinGetClientSizeRetrieves the size of a given window's client area.
WinGetHandleRetrieves the internal handle of a window.
WinGetPosRetrieves the position and size of a given window.
WinGetProcessRetrieves the ProcessID (PID) associated with a window.
WinGetStateRetrieves the state of a given window.
WinGetTextRetrieves the text from a window.
WinGetTitleRetrieves the full title from a window.
WinKillForces a window to close.
WinListRetrieves a list of windows.
WinMenuSelectItemInvokes a menu item of a window.
WinMinimizeAllMinimizes all windows.
WinMinimizeAllUndoUndoes a previous WinMinimizeAll function call.
WinMoveMoves and/or resizes a window.
WinSetOnTopChanges a window's "Always On Top" attribute.
WinSetStateShows, hides, minimizes, maximizes, or restores a window.
WinSetTitleChanges the title of a window.
WinSetTransSets the transparency of a window. (2k/XP or later)
WinWaitPauses execution of the script until the requested window exists.
WinWaitActivePauses execution of the script until the requested window is active.
WinWaitClosePauses the execution of a script until the requested window does not exist.
WinWaitNotActivePauses execution of the script until the requested window is not active.

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