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Existing GUI Data

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Posted 12 December 2011 - 02:45 PM

I have one question that is basic that i cannot seem to find ANYWHERE around the forum. If i have an existing GUI (say some normal application is running). I can get information on the GUI, move it, resize it, etc etc. However, the one thing i am trying to do is to read the GUI's textbox/buttonText/combo box details. How would I go about doing this? Basically just gathering information from WITHIN the GUI itself, beyond the amatuer 'GetWinText' and other 'Get's. My main concern is reading a ever-changing combobox and being able to 'check' the items i want, which can appear in random order. ANy direction would be appreciated, even if its just 'look at the topic <x> in the help file'.

i use this simple code... and it doesnt seem to get the GUI data..

Plain Text         
[/i] [i]Public Sub ProcessEntries() Dim oAutoIt As New AutoItX3 Dim curText As String Dim curTitle As String Dim curData As String oAutoIt.Sleep 4000 'This works just fine curTitle = oAutoIt.WinGetTitle("[active]") curText = oAutoIt.WinGetText("[active]") 'This doesnt work at all (either using the ID in a string, or as a nonString, the ID was given to me by WinInfo curData = oAutoIt.ControlGetText(curTitle, curText, "93697896") err = oAutoIt.Error 'In the above test.... ' curData returns "" ' Err returns... 1 ' Description: "" ' HelpContext: 0 ' HelpFile: "" ' LastDllError: 0 ' Number: 1 ' Source: "" Stop 'used for watching the vars End Sub

More info here; they had me move the thread.


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