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  • Learn To Program Using FREE Tools with AutoIt By Jfish

    I wrote an introductory text for new programmers to learn how to code using AutoIt.   It follows along with the help file for the most part – but provides additional context and attempts to connect all the information in a cohesive way for someone without any programming experience.  I find the help file to be an AMAZING resource and the text I wrote in no way reflects any opinion to the contrary.  Rather, it was created from the perspective of someone who struggled early on with the most basic
  • AutoIt (Latest Stable Version) By Jon

    • 42,417
    This is the current stable version of AutoIt. What's new: Changelog. Main AutoIt download page (for AutoIt and other tools like the script editor).
  • AutoIt v3.3.15.4 Beta By Jon

    • 1,338
    AutoIt: - Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 8.44. - Added: doc pages about ControlID/Handle and String/Encoding. - Added #2375: SetError(), SetExtended() doc precision. - Added #3780: WinSetTitle() on notepad.exe is reverted when the windows get focus starting Windows 19H1 !!! - Added #3222: Doc precision for statement with 2  FileInstall(). - Added: ConsoleWrite() preserves the @error and @extended. - Added: ConsoleWriteError() preserves the @error and @extende
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