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Operating System Deployment

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OS deployment and related technologies.

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  1. Easy_DISM

    Striving to be the Best and Easiest to use DISM GUI available!
    On first run Easy_DISM will open to Config Tab. Advanced Settings you can change start tab to suit your needs.
    Windows 7 DISM = v 6.1     Windows 8.1 DISM = v 6.3     Windows 10 DISM = v 10
    DISM Path
    Windows 7  Default = @ProgramData  ( Dism 10 )   Windows 8.1 and 10  Default = @SystemDir
    Starting to see Dism commands that are specific to DISM v10  Example;  Export ESD to WIM
    Windows 8.1 recommend install DISM 10 and change DISM Path to @ProgramData only when necessary


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