NamedPipes user defined functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the user defined functions available in AutoIt. Click on a user defined function name for a detailed description.

When using them you need to add a #include <NamedPipes.au3>.


User Defined Function Description
_NamedPipes_CallNamedPipe Performs a read/write operation on a named pipe
_NamedPipes_ConnectNamedPipe Enables a named pipe server process to wait for a client process to connect
_NamedPipes_CreateNamedPipe Creates an instance of a named pipe
_NamedPipes_CreatePipe Creates an anonymous pipe
_NamedPipes_DisconnectNamedPipe Disconnects the server end of a named pipe instance from a client process
_NamedPipes_GetNamedPipeHandleState Retrieves information about a specified named pipe
_NamedPipes_GetNamedPipeInfo Retrieves information about the specified named pipe
_NamedPipes_PeekNamedPipe Copies data from a pipe into a buffer without removing it from the pipe
_NamedPipes_SetNamedPipeHandleState Sets the read mode and the blocking mode of the specified named pipe
_NamedPipes_TransactNamedPipe Reads and writes to a named pipe in one network operation
_NamedPipes_WaitNamedPipe Waits for an instance of a named pipe to become available