Function Reference


Writes to a debugging session

#include <Debug.au3>
_DebugReport ( $sData [, $bLastError = False [, $bExit = False]] )


$sData Data to be reported
$bLastError [optional] True if _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage() must be append to the data being reported
$bExit [optional] True if the script must be terminated

Return Value

Success: 1 (see remarks).
Failure: 0.


If no _DebugSetup() have been issued the function always returns.
@error of the caller is preserved.
@extended can be set to Windows API _WinNet_GetLastError() if $bLastError = True.
Otherwise it is preserved.

Each time _DebugReport() is called, the output is put on its own line if $bLastError = True.




#include <Debug.au3>


_DebugReport("message2", True); with last error message appended