Function Reference


Setup up a debug session using a specific reporting type

#include <Debug.au3>
_DebugSetup ( [$sTitle = Default [, $bBugReportInfos = False [, $vReportType = 1 [, $sLogFile = "" [, $bTimeStamp = False]]]]] )


$sTitle [optional] Title to be displayed on the report window. Default value is "AutoIt Debug Report".
$bBugReportInfos [optional] Display BugReport infos. Default value is False.
$vReportType [optional] 1 - Report Log Window (Default).
2 - ConsoleWrite.
3 - MsgBox.
4 - FileWrite into $sLogFile defines the filename.
5 - Report Notepad Window.
string - name of specific report function to be used.
$sLogFile [optional] Name of the file if $vReportType = 4
$bTimeStamp [optional] True if every message must be prefixed with a timeStamp "YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS"

Return Value

Success: the report type.
Failure: sets the @error flag to non-zero.
@error: 1 - if already called
2 - invalid report type
3 - invalid CallBack function


If a specific reporting function is registered then on AutoIt exit it is called without parameters.

You can only start one debug session at a time in the running script.
You can debug several concurrent scripts using the same debugging session, just use the same $sTitle when calling _DebugSetup(). All _DebugOut() will go to the same debugging session.

Commenting out the _DebugSetup() call will effectively disable all the calls to _Debug...(), but you may want to remove the calls to all _Debug...() functions before making a release version of your script.

If the "Report Log Window" type is used then the script will end only when closing the report window.


_DebugOut, _DebugReport, _DebugReportEx, _DebugReportVar


#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    AutoIt Version:
    Author:         David Nuttall

    Script Function:
    Base script to show functionality of Debug functions.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <Debug.au3>

_DebugSetup("Check Excel", True) ; start displaying debug environment
For $i = 1 To 4
    WinActivate("Microsoft Excel")
    ; interact with Excel
    _DebugOut("Moved Mouse Down") ; forces debug notepad window to take control