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XML.au3 ( formerly XMLWrapperEx.au3 )

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About This File

I was asking @eltorro serveral times for any support  for XML DOM wrapper (COM) - with no success :( 


So I took matters into my hands .....

I want to present _XMLDomWrapperEx.au3 - BETA Version

Want to join to the project ?


Here is some description:

; #INDEX# =======================================================================================================================
; Title .........: _XMLDomWrapperEx.au3
; AutoIt Version :
; Language ......: English
; Description ...: Functions to use for reading and writing XML using msxml.
; Remarks .......: BETA Version
; Author ........: mLipok
; Version .......: "" ; _XML_MiscProperty_UDFVersion()

    This UDF is created on the basis of:
    For this reason, I attach also the last known (to me) previous version ($_XMLUDFVER = ""  _XMLDomWrapper_1.0.3.98_CN.au3 )
    For the same reason I continue to recognize the achievements of the work of my predecessors (they are still noted in each Function header).
    . !!!!!!!!! This is BETA VERSION (all could be changed) !!!!!!!!!
    For now 2015-09-01 the descripion (Function Header) can not entirely correctly describe the function.
    TODO: in many places I used "TODO" as a keyword to find what should be done in future
    I want to: PREVENT THIS:
    The unfortunate nature of both the scripts is that the func return results are strings or arrays instead of objects.
    I want to: USE THIS CONCEPT:
    .   All function should use Refernce to the object as first Function parameter
    .   All function should return in most cases objects. There should be separate functions to Change Object collection to array
    .   All function should use COM Error Handler in local scope.
    .   All function should return @error which are defined in #Region _XMLDomWrapperEx.au3 - @ERROR Enums
    .    All function should have the same naming convention
    .    All variables should have the same naming convention
    .    There should not to be any Global Variable - exception is $g__oXMLDOM_Events
    .   It should be possible easy to use XML DOM Events
    .        https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms764697(v=vs.85).aspx
    .   It should be possible easy to Debug
    .    Ultimately, you should be able to do anything with your XML without having to use your own Error Handler.



More info inside zip archive.


Here is the support topic:

What's New in Version


new version:



    . Added: Function: _XML_Base64Encode() - mLipok
    . Added: Function: _XML_Base64Decode() - mLipok
    . Fixed: bug in: _XML_Array_AddName() - krupa
    . Changed: $ADOENUM_ad* >>> $ADO_ad** - to be coherent with ADO.au3 UDF - mLipok


    . Changed: Function: _XML_SetAttrib - supprot for $vAttributeNameOrList - GMK
    . Changed: Function: _XML_GetAllAttrib - !!! array result is reordered ROWS<>COLS - mLipok
    .            now are coherent manner for: _XML_InsertChildWAttr, _XML_CreateChildWAttr, _XML_SetAttrib, _XML_GetAllAttrib
    . Added: Function parameter: _XML_Load new parameter $bPreserveWhiteSpace = True - GMK
    . Added: Function parameter: _XML_LoadXML new parameter $bPreserveWhiteSpace = True - GMK
    . Changed: Enums:  $XML_ERR_OK >> $XML_ERR_SUCCESS - for unification/coherence in relatation to some other UDF's - mLipok
    . EXAMPLES: New, and checked/refactored/fixed
    .    XML__Examples_TIDY2.au3
    .    XML__Examples_User_BlaBlaFoo__Dellwarranty.au3
    .    XML__Examples_User_Shrapnel.au3

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