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  2. Would you be willing to elaborate? I cannot see where that would fit in your code...
  3. $NumberOfVars = _StringSplitToVar("0017-0008 0017 l2a 1 -18407.00 5110.90 0.00 0.03 -70735.59" , " ") For $k = 1 to $NumberOfVars msgbox(0, '' , eval("StringToVar" & $k)) Next Func _StringSplitToVar($sStr , $delim) Local $aString = StringSplit($sStr , $delim) For $i = 1 To $aString[0] assign("StringToVar" & $i , $aString[$i] , 2) Next return $aString[0] EndFunc
  4. Okay, I'm going to simply use the code trancexx posted in #14 (with attribution, of course -- I always strive to do that)....
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  6. @rkr, Use it this way. _StringSplit() Func _StringSplit() Local $sString = StringSplit("0017-0008 0017 l2a 1 -18407.00 5110.90 0.00 0.03 -70735.59", " ") ; Split the string using the delimiter " " and return the value. For $i = 1 To $sString[0] MsgBox(0, "", "String [" & $i & "] - " & $sString[$i]) Next EndFunc All you need to do is replace the "$sString" with the line searched from my above posted second code.
  7. I agree with you rcmaehl, I've used the exact code in the past to do something similar just with different color values. I double checked the colors and the areas that they're searching but still nothing.
  8. Honestly the code is fine which means one or more of the following: PixelSearch is searching for the wrong color code PixelSearch is searching the wrong window PixelSearch is searching the wrong area PixelSearch is being called too often and throttling
  9. I've used pixel search on the same application before without any problems. This one it doesn't do anything, just runs until i quit the program.
  10. Code seems fine. Although you have to realize PixelSearch is a bit slow and can't detect pixels drawn using certain methods. DirectX being an example I believe.
  11. and what would this be for?
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to create a program where it searches an area for a specific color, and then if it does so, it performs another action where it searches another area for another color and clicks it if found. Here is the code: Func findColor() While 1 $point = PixelSearch(2516, 135, 2532, 150, 0xF00B09) if IsArray($point) Then MouseClick("right", $point[0], $point[1]) Sleep(500) $point2 = PixelSearch(2278, 300, 2514, 633, 0xA0315B) if IsArray($point2) Then MouseClick("left", $point2[0], $point2[1]) EndIf EndIf Sleep(50) WEnd EndFunc Any help would be lovely
  13. Good Evening RTFC First, long time no talk to. How have you been? Missed doing Autoit myself Thank you for the script and support in the past. I'm getting back into Autoit and would like to encrypt my latest application. However, I've run into a snag trying to encrypt and for that matter, BackTranslate. What should I be looking at to determine where the problem lies? On second look - it may be #include <UIAWrappers.au3> UIA_V0_63... May need to update - crap - and everything works fine in ver 0-63 now - good times. MCF: Unable to Proceed Error in function_EncodeMCF(), related to: line too long (no markers found): 6 C:\temp\GCAutomation.au3.CS_DATA\MCF0.au3 Error code: -4 Call Stack: codecrypter.au3 calling _BackTranslate() calling _EncodeMCF() 2018/01/22 19:00:43: Line too long: Local $patternArray[21][3]=[[$UIA_ValuePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationValuePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationValuePattern],[$UIA_InvokePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationInvokePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationInvokePattern],[$UIA_SelectionPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationSelectionPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationSelectionPattern],[$UIA_LegacyIAccessiblePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationLegacyIAccessiblePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationLegacyIAccessiblePattern],[$UIA_SelectionItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationSelectionItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationSelectionItemPattern],[$UIA_RangeValuePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationRangeValuePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationRangeValuePattern],[$UIA_ScrollPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationScrollPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationScrollPattern],[$UIA_GridPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationGridPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationGridPattern],[$UIA_GridItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationGridItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationGridItemPattern],[$UIA_MultipleViewPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationMultipleViewPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationMultipleViewPattern],[$UIA_WindowPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationWindowPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationWindowPattern],[$UIA_DockPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationDockPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationDockPattern],[$UIA_TablePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTablePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTablePattern],[$UIA_TextPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTextPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTextPattern],[$UIA_TogglePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTogglePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTogglePattern],[$UIA_TransformPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTransformPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTransformPattern],[$UIA_ScrollItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationScrollItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationScrollItemPattern],[$UIA_ItemContainerPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationItemContainerPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationItemContainerPattern],[$UIA_VirtualizedItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationVirtualizedItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationVirtualizedItemPattern],[$UIA_SynchronizedInputPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationSynchronizedInputPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationSynchronizedInputPattern],[$UIA_ExpandCollapsePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationExpandCollapsePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationExpandCollapsePattern]] ; {file:6}{line:354} $dtagIUIAutomationExpandCollapsePattern Thanks again RTFC ! (UPDATE) Trying "UIA_V0_64" - Wish me luck... UIA_V0_64 Notes: edit 09 sep 2017 - Chrome examples again working on latest version and on Windows 10, Chrome has improved on iuiautomation * lots of updates and cleanup of code * Strict compile options * some defect fixes (UPDATE) Nope, roughly same error... MCF: Unable to Proceed Error in function_EncodeMCF(), related to: line too long (no markers found): 8 C:\temp\GCAutomation.au3.CS_DATA\MCF0.au3 Error code: -4 Call Stack: codecrypter.au3 calling _RebuildScript() calling _EncodeMCF() 2018/01/22 19:52:49: Line too long: Local $patternArray[21][3]=[[$UIA_ValuePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationValuePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationValuePattern],[$UIA_InvokePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationInvokePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationInvokePattern],[$UIA_SelectionPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationSelectionPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationSelectionPattern],[$UIA_LegacyIAccessiblePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationLegacyIAccessiblePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationLegacyIAccessiblePattern],[$UIA_SelectionItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationSelectionItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationSelectionItemPattern],[$UIA_RangeValuePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationRangeValuePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationRangeValuePattern],[$UIA_ScrollPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationScrollPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationScrollPattern],[$UIA_GridPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationGridPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationGridPattern],[$UIA_GridItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationGridItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationGridItemPattern],[$UIA_MultipleViewPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationMultipleViewPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationMultipleViewPattern],[$UIA_WindowPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationWindowPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationWindowPattern],[$UIA_DockPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationDockPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationDockPattern],[$UIA_TablePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTablePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTablePattern],[$UIA_TextPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTextPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTextPattern],[$UIA_TogglePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTogglePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTogglePattern],[$UIA_TransformPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationTransformPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationTransformPattern],[$UIA_ScrollItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationScrollItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationScrollItemPattern],[$UIA_ItemContainerPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationItemContainerPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationItemContainerPattern],[$UIA_VirtualizedItemPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationVirtualizedItemPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationVirtualizedItemPattern],[$UIA_SynchronizedInputPatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationSynchronizedInputPattern,$dtagIUIAutomationSynchronizedInputPattern],[$UIA_ExpandCollapsePatternId,$sIID_IUIAutomationExpandCollapsePattern,$dtagIUIAutomationExpandCollapsePattern]] $dtagIUIAutomationExpandCollapsePattern
  14. Updated to version 1.00 Stick foot in mouth. I said I would lose interest in this project -- and I did. Until, I needed some way to heavily test the WSA_NBTCP.au3 UDF, which is included in this version. Inspiration only comes to me every once in awhile. Gotta seize the moment! Right? In any case, lots of improvements have been made. Changes are in the header of the script. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.
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  16. Browsers seem to have a built-in feature to insert a check box (Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues) into the message box created by an web site. This check box seems to appear when the same message box is triggered in succession within a short span of time. My problem is that AutoIt cannot read the text of the IE11 message box when this check box is included. I started to experence this after my Windows 10 was updated to Anniversay Update. I would like to know if anyone has experienced the same thing and if there is a solution to let the AutoIt read the text.
  17. @mLipok Faux pas on my part. Fixed!
  18. Thanks for answer and update. but why you have added instead: ?
  19. @mLipok The UDF should work with the MS Edge web driver, but I have yet to perform any test to confirm. From what I've read here, they claim to be compatible with both W3C and Wire protocols. Link added to GH as requested. ;-)
  20. I tried to set icon from this file: BatteryFlatIcon.res , but this doesnt work: TraySetIcon(@scriptdir & "\BatteryFlatIcon.res", 1). How to change autoit tray icon?
  21. If the link with the IP works for you and provide the expected data, then get away from IE and just use this 3 lines of code because it's a much more simple/fast/clean way Else if you want to use IE, it's the same approach. The results after entering the ID display in a iframe whose link appears in the source code of the page, and it's this link which is mentioned in my script BTW the link in your code didn't work for me, but this one did :
  22. Wow, are you amazingly helpful! Thanks! A question, though: In Post 14, he-she (trancexx doesn't like anyone prejudging gender by using specific pronouns) provides the code for a function named _MD5ForFirstFileChunk(). Where the hell does that come from? From Ward? Should I just use the code on that page, or is there some other UDF I should be using in addition to trancexx's UDF?
  23. It works, but GUISetState() is missing to show the GUI on startup
  24. See posts #7 and #14 in that thread for exactly that.
  25. Please also add this link: to GitHub introduction.
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