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Found 1 result

  1. Over the last few years I have been doing a lot of Audio (CD & DVD) research, trying many open source and freeware programs. That includes WAV, AC3, DTS, FLAC, APE etc Stereo and Surround Sound files. It also includes video from JPG, BMP, PNG etc sources. I talk a little about LOSSY and LOSSLESS files in Post #3. Some of you may have read my posts (kind of blog) in Chat about my large project, Audio DVD Producer, and thus seen the many screenshots and know somewhat of my trials and tribulations. While doing testing of course, I tried a lot of programs, and some I even made tools of via my own Frontends. I still use and update some of them, as many are very useful in their own right, and allow me to do a number of things in stages, in a much more controlled manner compared to my larger project. So because of that, I thought I would share them here. Some have been mentioned in that Chat topic. Recommended Programs: I use foobar2000 (with DTS Decoder plugin) to play DTS WAV files and DTS-CD. It also has a simulated multichannel plugin for headphones. For checking M2V files and finished DVD etc, I use Media Player Classic and if necessary VLC Media Player (and others). Required 3rd Party Programs: ArcSoft DTS Decoder (DLL's) (ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre) (eac3to use) (mentioned here) --> (DTS-to-WAV) eac3to.exe (eac3to) --> (DTS-to-WAV) ffdcaenc.exe (Ffdcaenc) or here flac.exe (FLAC) --> (SoXcutterFE) (DTS-to-WAV v2.3) gain.exe (Ac3Filter Tools) --> (SoXcutterFE) spdifer.exe (Ac3Filter Tools) --> (DTS-to-WAV) valdec.exe (Ac3Filter Tools) --> (DTS-to-WAV) (SoXcutterFE) joinwav.exe (Joinwav) --> (JPG-to-M2V) MediaInfo.exe (MediaInfo) --> (DTS-to-WAV) PgcDemux.exe (PgcDemux) --> (DTS-to-WAV) sox.exe (SoX) --> (SoXcutterFE) I have had trouble with some versions of SoX, with 14.4.1 being the one I use. 14.4.2 crashes for me. ssrc_hp.exe or ssrc.exe (Shibatch) --> (DTS-to-WAV v2.3) tranzcode.exe (Tranzcode) Some info here AUDIO CD & DVD TOOLBOX (source scripts were developed in AutoIt v3.3.0.0 so may need modifying to compile with latest AutoIt) SoXcutterFE SoXcutterFE v1.2.zip SoXcutterFE v1.2 (source).zip BAT Examples.zip I made this one over the last week, and it is part of an unfinished DTS CD ripping, burning & editing guide, that you can read here. DTS-to-WAV Program to convert WAV, DTS, AC3, FLAC & VOB (IFO required) to suitable audio files for DTS CD or DVD. Screenshots and information about update can be found at Post #14. DTS-to-WAV v2.0.zip 335.54 kB (1,078 downloads) DTS-to-WAV v2.0 (source).zip 10.82.54 kB (655 downloads) DTS-to-WAV v2.3.zip DTS-to-WAV v2.3 (source).zip (712 previous downloads) NOTE - While this is a stand-alone program, it does create right-click registry entries for DTS, WAV, FLAC, AC3, IFO files. A shortcut with a parameter of /unreg will remove the registry entries, though they will get created again every time the program runs. To stop them being created, you can (after using the unregister shortcut), add the value of '1' back into the 'Settings.ini' file as 'registry=1' in the [Context Entry] section. To use the program in that scenario, you would need to drag a WAV file etc onto the program EXE or a shortcut for that (or create a BAT file for it, etc). The installer I normally use for my programs, creates all the necessary shortcuts, which was overlooked when I created this zip version for others. All that said, the best way to use the program is by right-clicking on your WAV etc file. (source script was developed in AutoIt v3.3.0.0 so may need modifying to compile with latest AutoIt) I made this one early on in my research, but gave it a good update in the last week, with many improvements. This one does require you to have, at the very least, a Trial version of an ArcSoft program, for its DTS dlls for DTS decoding. In my Audio DVD Producer program, I currently use the free Tranzcoder program to do much the same thing, but it does fail on occasion with some HD DTS WAV files, that require something like the ArcSoft decoder. This tool is good for turning a 5.1 DTS or AC3 DVD track into a DTS-CD. JPG-to-M2V Program to convert JPG, BMP, PNG files to a M2V video file, suitable for DVD, MKV or M2TS/TS file, when muxed with audio. Screenshots and Update information (required 3rd party programs) can be seen at Post #10. Post #15. Post #19. Post #20. Post #21. Post #26. Read other posts for related info. JPG-to-M2V v1.5.zip 481.13 kB (921 downloads) JPG-to-M2V v1.5 (sources).zip 26.62 kB (375 downloads) JPG-to-M2V v1.8.zip 502.14 kB (180 downloads) (both re-upped again due to an introduced bug) (3) JPG-to-M2V v1.8 (sources).zip 37.53 kB (134 downloads) JPG-to-M2V v1.9.zip JPG-to-M2V v1.9 (source).zip This was also made early on, and I am in the midst of giving it a very big update, to work with multiple image files (something that Audio DVD Producer does not yet do to this degree). **** more to come ****
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