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Found 6 results

  1. TL;DR: Anyway to bypass built in sleep on TrayGetMsg() and GUIGetMsg() ? I'm currently working on a project that does some heavy array/ GDI+ processing, which depending what I have it do can take between 4s - 1min. During this time, I'd like to have the Tray icon (mainly, possibly also the GUI) for the program be responsive, so that if someone wanted to change actions or exit the script during this, they can without closing the process. Currently I have my TrayGetMsg and GUIGetMsg captures in my main program loop, working great, and once I go into the array/ GDI+ functi
  2. Hi all, I am using GuiGetMsg(). Assume that i have a combo box in my gui. And when i use this code - While 1     $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()     Switch $nMsg         Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE             Exit         Case $CMB_NamesList ; Handle of my Combo box             CellSelect()          EndSwitch WEnd This code will call my "CellSelect()" function only when the selec
  3. Hello Folks, I'm not an AutoIt noob but I am new to the GuiRegisterMsg command. What I am trying to do is to pop up a "long string edit" window when user double-clicks. Ideally I wanted it to be a duouble-click in the Input box itself but I couldn't get this to work so I was going to settle for a double-click *near* the input box. Here's a severely curtailed version of my almost 1300-line script. From the msgbox "tell-tale" it appears that the GuiRegisterMsg definition interferes with the GuiGetMsg function and it 'remembers' the last GuiGetMsg return value -- is there some way to 'fl
  4. I'm trying to catch non printing characters (like Delete, F5, Shifte F5, etc) when a user is typing into an Input Control. The sample code below doesn't work (the Input MsgBox only appears when the enter key is pressed and the Key Pressed MsgBox never appears). It appears to me this is because the Input Control doesn't send a GUI message every time a key stroke is received. So my question is how can I capture individual key presses, including non printing ones, to an Input Control? Or should I be using a different control? Thank you - Dick williams #include #include $window
  5. I've been working on a fancy ListView for user input. When a cell is clicked, a temporary Combo or Input control is created. The user does their part, then the temporary control's data is transferred to the ListView and the temporary control is deleted. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out, except for one puzzling "feature". If I use "Switch GUIGetMsg()" in the main loop, then the first time a user clicks on the form causes a temp control to be both created and processed. That only occurs on the first click and not on any subsequent clicks. If I use "$msg = GUIGetMsg(1)" with a S
  6. Hello everyone! Hope you are having great days. I unfortunately am in need of assistance. I am in the process of creating a program that will allow me to search 2 systems that my company uses that store customer info. At this time if a customer places an order it could be in our online only system, our in-store system, or both at the same time. So instead of searching one manually, then the other, I decided to code a script that would look in both at the same time until it find the order. It has a few issues though. Issue #1 (Solved, Thank you BrewManNH!): I have two GUIs that I create
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