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Guest LonestarDragon

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Guest LonestarDragon

Okay, I apoligize ahead of time if I'm not able to explain this clearly enough. I trying to make a script for my Yu-Gi-Oh card game. I would like the script to wait until the pixel color at (x,y) is a certain color. example: hex 0xEE1D25 dec 15605029) before going on to the next step in the script.

Here's what I have so far.

WinActivate("Yu-Gi-Oh! PC")


$var = PixelGetColor (x, y)

Until $var =

I've tried having it sleep instead but that doesn't always work out.

As you can see I'm very new to this script making stuff and I've already hit a wall. Any insight into getting past this step would be greatly appreciated.



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WinActivate("Yu-Gi-Oh! PC")

While PixelGetColor (x, y) <> 15605029;wait till the pixel is the decimal color
Sleep(100);wait a litle to ease the cpu
Wend; check again

; rest of the code here

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