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Sounds pretty simple to me and to anyone that has used Autoit for a while but "How do I compile a script with a custom icon?"

Expand that just a bit to cover the GUI compiler in general. I've seen a lot of people not even realizing there is a compiler outside the context menu "Compile" item...
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Can I use AutoIt to play my games for me?

just one example of an answer: (hacked from Jon)

"There are those who frown on the use of AutoIt in this way (AutoIt has been classed as a virus many times purely because of malicious bots)

Despite how it appears on the gaming sites, AutoIt is a scripting language and was never "designed" to make bots.

Programs to let you cheat in games are far more readily available on the web and easier to use. Ex: http://bots.gamerscove.net"

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Here's what I recall observing:

  • Yeah, variables and quotes--especially with Run/RunWait

  • Generating a random letter of the alphabet--been asked at least thrice

  • Counting the number of times a loop executes--also asked a lot; lack of Goto statment is maybe another one

  • UBound!!! People who should know better :whistle: have asked about finding array dimensions and number of elements

  • Send--questions about how to send Ctrl and Shift, etc

  • exiting from User-defined functions--use 'Return' not 'Exit'

  • Recursion, perhaps
Note: Some of these I can put in the appropriate function docs.... Edited by CyberSlug
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  • Developers

these pop in my mind:

- How to run a dos program -> run(@comspec & ' /c ".............." ')

- How to open a WebPage -> Run ("explorer.exe http://myurl.com")

- Change icon at compile time

- How to stop/interrupt a program -> SetHotKey

- Iam getting Recursion level has been exceeded-AutoIt will quit prevent stack overflow -> show proper method way to use funcendfunc

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