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Guest LambChopMan

newbie needs help in controlclick

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Guest LambChopMan

I want to use AutoIt to auto update spywareblaster's defintion file. However, this app has not text, no control ID. Anything I can do to locate the update key other than fixing X, Y or the mouse coordinates? I use multiple display and change my default monitor from time to time. It will be difficult use the mouse corrindates either. :(


Press CTRL-ALT-F to pause the display.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Window Details <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Title: SpywareBlaster

Class: ThunderRT6MDIForm

Size: X: 182 Y: 147 W: 660 H: 473

>>>>>>>>>>> Mouse Details <<<<<<<<<<<

Screen: X: 397 Y: 560

Cursor ID: 0

>>>>>>>>>>> Pixel Color Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

RGB: Hex: 0x0066CC Dec: 26316

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

Size: X: 144 Y: 264 W: 473 H: 129

Control ID:

ClassNameNN: ListView20WndClass3


(Control is hidden)

>>>>>>>>>>> Status Bar Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Visible Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<


>>>>>>>>>>> Hidden Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<



Prevent spyware/tracking cookies.

Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, dialers, etc.

Prevent spyware/tracking cookies.

Restrict the actions of spyware/ad/tracking sites in Internet Explorer.


Spywareblaster website:


Thank you VERY MUCH.


I am absolutely a newbie and my programming skill is not good. I am an old Fortran77 git.

I learnt from the little black book that there is such a wonderful program in the world and best of all, it is free. Thanks, Jon. You are the champ.

(edit: sorry for the double post, the double clicked and back click the website.)

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Larry made a script that might help you here:

Control Click like Mouse Click

Hope it helps

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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