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when opening one window from another 1st window fails on return.

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Can someone please help me.. I am getting gray headed... course that started when I was 65..

I have a very simple GUI window. but don't think gui is related... and I need to click and open another window on top so I can't navigage, I need to create.. all is well, then I process some simple items in the new window and when done I manually close it by the red x.. I even tried IE close with no change...

Now once I close the created window the original gui window is still there and seems ok... but if I try to click the same button to create and work that same window, it kills my main gui window... does it every time like clockwork...

The code is attached and it visits my site so you can see the forms its filling when it fails..

I have commented out the navigate command which makes it work ok... but I don't want to navigate to the new work window, i want to create.. then close and come back and recreate again later... I suppose I might be able to hide it and come back later, but shouldn't i be able to kill it and recreate at my becon?

If anyone can help, here is the step by step that I am doing to see the fail..

1. double click the au3

2. Wait for the basic form to load....

3. Now once loaded Click button 1.

4. It should scrape the name from this form then load a similar looking form and fill it with the scraped name.

5. Then you click the red X to close the top window..

6. Now in a minute or two click the Button 1 again and it kills my original window with the gui..

7. I need to create and kill the top window at will..

Any help will be greatly appreciated..


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You were exactly right.. thank you... Changed the second creation to $oIE1 while the original was $oIE..

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