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need help using AutoIt with Wpf

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I am interning for a company and they use AutoIt scripts for performing automation tests on their GUI . They have upgraded their forms applications to WPF and my job is to come up with a solution as to how to make AutoIt access the wpf controls. I tried searching on the UIAutomation classes to see if I can make the controls visible while creating them. I need to know if there is a way to make the WPF controls accessible so that it can be used by AutoIt.

Thank you very much and eagerly awaiting ur responses

Warm Regards,

- Eddy

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WPF applications is to automate with AutoIt difficult to impossible :oops:

I'm working on a program with the same problem :bye:

For WPS-Applications.

Here are helpful programs to find the controls or class name.

UI Spy


The UI Spy tool enables developers and testers to view and interact with the user interface (UI) elements of an application. By viewing the application's UI hierarchical structure, property values, and raised events, developers and testers can verify that the UI they are creating is programmatically accessible to assistive technology devices such as screen readers.

UI Spy uses the UI Automation libraries. UI Automation is the new accessibility framework for Microsoft Windows.

Using UI Spy, developers and testers can check an application's level of accessibility by verifying the following:

  • UI Automation property values for UI items.
  • Control pattern implementation.
  • UI Automation event information.
  • Navigation and keyboard focus

UI Spy is installed with the Microsoft Windows SDK. It is located in the \bin folder of the SDK installation path (uispy.exe) or can be accessed from the Start menu (Start\All Programs\Microsoft Windows SDK\Tools\UISpy).

or download here



Ranorex Spy



WPF Inspector


I hope the tools will help you a little bit.

Regards Autolaser

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