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Create GDI+ "controls"

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Once upon a time, a young Jedi Master wanted to create a music-player using a GDI+ GUI.

He quickly changed his mind, having to use a dozen functions to write the letter "P" was just too annoying.

Some weird guy with a red face asked him if he wouldn't like to join the dark side.

They offered him double his current salary, and a Lamborghini Diablo.

The young Jedi Master didn't gave up that easy, no he started building a UDF to make it all easier.

Almost as easy as the native GUICtrl*() functions.

He had just managed to draw some text and a square, when the red-face came back.

He said, "We have cookies".

The young Jedi Master jumped into the Lamborghini Diablo and never looked back.

I am the young Jedi Master, and SDL is the dark side.

Needless to say, I'm not sure When or If I'm going to continue work with this.


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