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share vaiables among scripts

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I want to share variables and handles among 2 or more AutoIt-scripts.

I have done this on *nix in C:

one process creates a shared memory, other processes can attach to that shared memory.

The data of the shared memory can easily be accessed using a structure pointing to the shared memory address.

With AutoIt however I have no idea how to make the shared memory structure available within the script.

I'm familiar with AutoIt's C-Interface (AU3_PLUGIN).

Currently I'm playing with setting shared memory and then retrieving the value via a AU3_Plugin funtion. But this is almost the same as write and read the filesystem.

Any hints and/or suggestions how to implement this with AutoIt?

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This post may assist you.. #16

Thanks, looks good, I'll give it a try;

however there are about 100 vars to be shared... well, I'll find it out ;)

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