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OCR reading numbers?

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Hi guys, i where just wondering if there is any updated / working OCR functions out there?.

i'm currently trying to make a script that will help me in a workrelated situation,

one of the issues iv stumbled upon is that im unable to mark, and exstract any information from the field that i need, becouse the creater of the program made it so that it was a button, so can't find it.

anyhow, what i'm looking for is an OCR that can read numbers, max 4 characters. normal 1,1111 / 1,1231 and so on..

Ps:iv searched the forums, but all i can find is posts from 2006 ect.

any direction would been greatly appriciated..

in advance, thanks alot for any replies that is made in this topic.

and i wish u a perfect upcomming christmas. :x

best regards


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BTW: This is the wrong forum

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