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Help with automated printing

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I know there is a printing UDF but I cant seem to figure out a small problem I have.

I have an application that looks at ticket IDs to see if a ticket is valid or not.

at the moment we are writing the ticket IDs ont he tickets by hand, which is taking FOREVER.

There is a little white box in the bottom right corner of the ticket for the ticket ID and the tickets are 400x200 and print out 6 to a page

So my question is how would I use autoit to automatically place the IDs int he square then print then out?

Like overlay text(the Id) on am image(the ticket) using GDI(which I have no Idea how to use)

then print them out 6 to a page, or even though its a waste of paper, if thats not possible, just print them out one to a page?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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