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Push Argument help

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Here is my problem, I have a chat/webcam program that I use and it is standard text only but I have found that I can change the color of the text.

Chat Console:
004A0A65   |.  6A 02                   PUSH 2                                 ; /Arg2 = 00000002
004A0A67   |.  68 D4CC5500             PUSH ChatClient.0055CCD4               ; |Arg1 = 0055CCD4 ASCII "Your Message"
004A0A6C   |.  B9 38F82D01             MOV ECX,ChatClient.012DF838            ; |
004A0A71   |.  E8 BADB0700             CALL ChatClient.0051E630               ; \ChatClient.0051E630

Now the first Arg pushed is the color of the output string, second Arg pushed is the output string itself

Is there a way to code this in autoit so I can type my message and manualy push the argument and new text color, so when it sends the message is the color I made.

Not sure if I worded everything write I am new to this part of programming.

The Proccess name is shows up as Ch221client11webs.exe

PLease any help would be great.

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